This Revitalizing Sea Salt Scalp Scrub Exfoliates All My Bad Hair Days Away

Photo: Getty Images/Anchiy
A week after joining team "no-poo," I felt liberated and admittedly a little grimy. The shampoo bottle seemed to tease me for my oily scalp every time I hopped in the shower to wash my body, and eventually, I succumbed to intimidation and lathered up. I towel-dried my hair, expecting the sweet, sweet relief of being so fresh, so clean. But after so much time on the dry shampoo train, my hair still felt post-road trip filthy. Then, an angel in the form of of a scalp scrub ended my bout with bad hair days.

When I first opened the jar of Christophe Robin's Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, I remember thinking that it looked like the company had bottled the Dead Sea. It was thick and rough to the touch, and I had no idea that it would become smooth enough to gently massage my scalp. Then, as the label instructed, I placed a small amount in my hand and added water. Before my very eyes the coarse scalp scrub turned into a creamy substance that still felt granular enough to exfoliate. I know! Pure magic.

As I ran the product through my hair, I began to imagine love letters I'd write to Christophe Robin. This is gross, I know, but it felt like my scalp was sloughing off layer after layer of dirt and product. I felt squeaky clean. I looked like a new gal once I'd rinsed away the conditioner and dried my hair. It was a small joy, but aren't those the best kind?

Now, I have a weekly date with the scrub. The product is definitely too abrasive to use everyday, but on Saturday mornings when we reunite after hot yoga class, it's bliss. So while I'd be willing to give "no-poo" another shot sometime in the future, "no-scrub" will never be my lifestyle of choice.

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