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Here’s What Kind of Magnetic Scorpio You Are, According to Your Moon Sign

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It's totally fitting that Halloween falls during Scorpio season—after all, this is the zodiac sign that's associated with mystery, transformation, and all things occult. But those born between October 23 and November 21 have far more layers than their sign's spooky stereotypes alone suggest. "Scorpio energy is very deep," says astrologer and women's empowerment coach Natalia Benson. "They are known to be quite sensitive, but are also very strong-willed, intense people." In other words, these intuitive water signs are anything but one-dimensional—and Scorpio moon signs add even more complexity to the astrological profile.

What's a moon sign, you ask? Essentially, it's the sign the moon was in when you were born, and it represents your inner world—your emotions, your deepest desires, and the qualities of your subconscious mind. While your moon-sign traits aren't usually the first thing people notice about you, they do impact the way in which your sun sign is expressed. So a Scorpio with a fire-sign moon may be extra emotive and intense, while one with an air-sign moon likely keeps their strong feelings closer to their chest.

To learn your moon sign—and those of your Scorpio friends—input your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator, like this one. Then, read on to find out what the different combinations of Scorpio moon signs mean.

Learn exactly what kind of Scorpio you are, according to your moon sign.

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Scorpio with an Aries moon

Benson describes this fiery blend of signs as "emotionally potent"—and that might be putting it mildly. "Scorpio and Aries have the same traditional ruler, Mars,"she says , adding that Mars is often referred to as the "God of War." "Emotionally, Aries-moon Scorpios can be very independent and forthright about how they feel."  They can also have a hot temper, which is why Benson says it's important for this Scorpio to practice patience with the people in their life.

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Scorpio with a Taurus moon

A Taurus moon is all about the physical aspects of life, and it can help ground the mystical Scorpio personality down to earth. Combine this focus on earthly pleasures with Scorpio's magnetism, and you're in for a good time in the sack. "Taurus is a very sensual sign, whereas Scorpio is a very sexual sign," says Benson. "Intimacy and physical connection can actually be very important for their emotional health."

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Scorpio with a Gemini moon

When it comes to communication, says Benson, Scorpios exist on a spectrum. Some keep their emotions to themselves, while others will tell you exactly how they feel. When a Gemini moon's in the mix, a Scorpio tends to be more expressive—for better or worse. "It can be healthy for this Scorpio to think before they speak, because they're very passionate and powerful with their communication," says Benson. This way, she says, hurt feelings can be kept to a minimum.

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Scorpio with a Cancer moon

Put two major water placements together—a Scorpio sun and Cancer moon—and you've got someone with deep feelings, even if they don't always show it. "This person may have a hard exterior and [keep] things to themselves because they're very strong. They tend to take care of a lot of other people," says Benson. "Healthy emotional expression is key for this combination—think crying, journaling, or talking to a trusted friend or therapist."

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Scorpio with a Leo moon

Leo and Scorpio are both ultra-loyal signs, making this a ride-or-die kind of friend or partner. "When they trust you and you're in their royal court, they give a lot," Benson says. "But if you ever cross that loyalty, that's a burn to them." For this Scorpio, she adds, it's important to set pride aside and try to see all sides of a situation when interpersonal conflicts arise—and to practice forgiveness where it's warranted.

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Scorpio with a Virgo moon

This Scorpio may be somewhat of an enigma, emotionally speaking. "Virgo is a very analytical placement for the moon, while Scorpios can be guarded," says Benson. "So this person can be a bit of a fortress with their emotions—they may not really let people in." To make sure this doesn't become the case for you, she suggests being vulnerable and asking for help. "This makes you more resilient and strong, rather than thinking you can solve your problems intellectually," she says.

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Scorpio with a Libra moon

Libra's a sign that's all about one-on-one relationships, so those with this moon-sign placement tend to invest a lot of emotional energy in their partners and friends. But with Scorpio involved—a set-in-their-ways fixed sign—this person can also lean into a "no new friends" mentality that limits their life. Benson's Rx? "Practice opening up, getting to know new people, and letting them into your friend circle."

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Scorpio with a Scorpio moon

Think of this as a super Scorpio—one whose intensity and shape-shifting nature is magnified. "If something is not working in their life, this person can reinvent themselves or cut things out very quickly," says Benson. On one hand, this helps them leave toxic situations when others might stick around, but they can also make snap decisions where emotions are involved. "Be patient and gentle with the people in your life you deeply respect and care for," Benson says.

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Scorpio with a Sagittarius moon

A Sagittarius moon adds levity to the Scorpio personality. "This person may have an optimistic, happy-go-lucky energy, instead of going so deep and brooding," says Benson. "They can see the cup as half-full in most situations." Self-improvement may also be a focus, thanks to Sag's love of learning and Scorpio's emotional intelligence. "If something's not working, this may be a Scorpio who's like, I'm going to go study and figure out how to make myself better," she adds.

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Scorpio with a Capricorn moon

"This can be a Scorpio that can reach very great heights in the realm of work," says Benson. "With the energy of Scorpio, combined with the groundedness of a Capricorn moon, they can put form to their passions." Their sense of duty and patience often extends to their closest personal relationships. "They'll stick with you for the long haul—when they've committed to you, they show up," she adds.

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Scorpio with an Aquarius moon

Scorpios can sometimes get bogged down in their deep emotions, but an Aquarius moon helps them see things from a big-picture perspective, says Benson. "They're more analytical and can zoom out more than a Scorpio is prone to," says Benson. Aquarius moons may take some time to warm up to others one-on-one, but Benson says this person's Scorpio passion comes to life when they're involved with causes, organizations, and large groups of friends.

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Scorpio with a Pisces moon

For this highly empathic combination, personal boundaries are everything. "Scorpios tend to be great with emotional boundaries, but Pisces has challenges with them," says Benson. "[Boundaries are] something this person may may have to practice, because they feel so much, and they give a lot in their close relationships." Scorpios with a Pisces moon may also have psychic tendencies, Benson adds. So, consider stocking up on energy-protecting sage and smoky quartz.

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