The 13 Best Pairs of Seamless Underwear That Are Completely Undetectable Under Any Outfit

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While VPL (visible panty line) isn’t the worst fashion faux pas of all time, it can be quite annoying to deal with when putting together an outfit. In fact, that's what makes seamless underwear such a handy thing to have in your closet—they make it look like you're not wearing undies at all, without sacrificing comfort. Either way, no matter if you like to wear super fitted styles or hyper-compressed leggings during your HIIT sesh, a seamless pair of panties can really be your outfit’s saving grace.

For one, these no-show underwear styles have very little stitching around the waist, sides and leg cut-outs. This ultimately makes them less detectable under your clothes and keeps them from digging into your skin and causing irritation. Additionally, many styles are made of lightweight fabrics like cotton and nylon that are designed to feel soft against your skin and move together with your body. So, in the event that you're planning to step out in a body-con dress or some hip-hugging jeans in the near future, seamless is the way to go. Apart from going commando, this is the closest to getting you a smooth silhouette from head to toe. 

From thongs and briefs to boy shorts and bikini cuts, there's a fit for every personal style. Ahead, you'll find some of our fave picks floating across the web.

The best seamless underwear

Parade Thong Universal — $8.00

Made mostly of recycled nylon, this low-rise thong has become a fan-favorite among Parade lovers, thanks its buttery-soft feel against your derrière. The fabric is smooth to the touch and made to move with your body so that the thong stays on your waist as much as possible. Additionally, the panty has an organic cotton lining which helps to let your nether regions breathe.

Uniqlo AIRism Ultra Seamless Hiphugger — $6.00

If you need a pair of smooth underpants for working out, this AIRism Ultra Seamless Hiphugger from Uniqlo should be on your radar. Not only does it hide VPL, but the brand’s signature AIRism fabric helps wick away moisture. (FYI, this is especially useful if you want to keep out excess fluids or potential bacteria from accumulating in your undies after an intense sweat sesh.)

True and Co. The True Body Boyshort — $8.00

For those who like a bit more coverage on their backside, consider adding these True Body Boyshorts to your closet ASAP. They sit low on the waist and show only just a hint of your bum. The fabric is also notably soft, made of durable nylon and microfiber. Together, they create a second skin-like feel when you put the undies on.

Cosabella Free Cut Micro High Waist Thong — $26.00

These undies are the epitome of “just the basics, please.” It’s a straightforward thong that has minimal coverage and a cotton-lined gusset to help with breathability. The fabric is super lightweight so it doesn’t dig into your skin, or create a noticeable panty line. Plus, the thong is available in multiple colors so you can have a look for every day of the week.

Commando Classic Control Thong — $38.00

If you really want to accent your silhouette, this Commando Classic Control Thong is here to make your body look snatched. Similar to shape wear, the thong contains compression-like fabric that stretches and helps sculpt your body. Just beware of the super high cut in the back. Though that may be a dealbreaker to some, reviewers say it’s a minor price to pay to suck you in and keep your underwear lines looking smooth.

Everlane The Invisible High-Rise Hipster — $18.00

If you like a little bit of compression, but not enough to go full shape wear, this hipster panty is right up your alley. The garment has a smooth outline that makes it virtually undetectable under silky garments and fitted styles. At the same, the elastic waistband provides extra tummy support and keeps the fabric in place as you move.

Calvin Klein Underwear Invisibles Thongs, 3-Pack — $35.00

When it comes to comfort, Calvin Klein really knows how to deliver. This pack of Invisibles Thongs is just one example of the retailer’s commitment to easy-to-wear styles. Made of a mix of durable nylon and stretchy elastane, these undies easily slip on and adjust to your body as you move around. They sit lower on the waist and have thin material that works well for summertime wear.

Hatch The Seamless Belly Brief — $38.00

While some maternity underwear may compress your belly too much and others not enough, this Seamless Belly Brief is right down the middle. The brief is smooth enough that it doesn’t rub against your growing belly uncomfortably or irritate your stomach postpartum. The fabric itself is mostly modal, a type of flexible and absorbent material that is great for everyday wear and athletic activity.

“Of all the underwear that I purchased to wear after my C-section, these are by far my favorite!” one reviewer raved. “They are so comfortable and they smooth everything out just right. They don’t irritate my incision and they look good under leggings.”

Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong — $14.00

One of the telltale signs of a good quality thong is if you can’t tell you’re wearing it. And that’s exactly what you can expect with the Alo Yoga thong . Although the panty rides high in the back, it’s still comfortable, thanks to the brand’s super light Airbrush fabric. Additionally, the raw-edge finish makes this thong the perfect option to throw on under biker shorts and your fave leggings.

“Fantastic!,” one reviewer exclaimed. “They fit perfectly, no bunching or VPLs, and they’re actually comfortable. I plan on buying many more pairs so I have one for each day of the week!”

Pepper Seamless Bikini — $16.00

When it comes to the true definition of seamless, this Pepper Seamless Bikini definitely lives up to the hype. Part of the magic is in the fabric and design. The nylon and elastane help provide both flexibility and structure to keep you from having to pull up your undies every time you squat. Additionally, its smooth-edged lining makes it easy to style without detection.

Intimissimi Seamless Supima Cotton Panties — $12.00

If you’re looking for versatility in a garment, then these Intimissimi Seamless Supima Cotton Panties are perfect to add to your undie collection. Made mostly of cotton, these undies are super breathable and able to absorb moisture for the times when you decide to work out. The tag-less design also eliminates any extra fabric that might cause discomfort or show through in tightly fitted clothes.

Uwila Warrior Happy Seams Lace Trim Seamless Briefs — $38.00

Whether you’re headed to the gym or to the office, take these Uwila Warrior Happy Seams LaceTrim Seamless Briefs with you. They’re silky soft thanks to a unique polyester blend, and smooth laser-cut edges. You can also expect to have a lot of coverage. In fact, these panties have enough material on the backside to help keep your cheeks out of sight.

Nude Barre 5PM Seamless Thong — $21.00

If you’re like me and love to wear body-con anything, these are the undies for you. Not only do they come in darker shades for different skin tones, but they also aren’t noticeable under your skin-tight clothes. This is mainly due to the low-rise design and stretchy elastane fabric to support your body.

“Love these underwear!” one reviewer raves. “Most seamless thongs I’ve tried are so flimsy they fall apart quickly. These are amazing and so high quality! Really comfortable and invisible under clothes.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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