9 Seasonal Nail-Art Ideas to Feel All the Cozy Fall Vibes

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Just as getting your matcha on the fly gets easier as the months pass, nail art has also made the shift from niche to widely accessible. Once only reserved for artists at the most specialized of nail salons, fingertip art is now practically ubiquitous. If anything, the issue is simply being overwhelmed by the sheer number of designs available.

It's fall, i.e., time to stay in and hygge it up—so why not pick up a new skill, like nail art? Start with autumn's trending five-free nail polish shades, then check out the most seasonally-inspired looks below, and get practicing.

Or, you know, head to the nail salon for some seriously arty self-care.

See 9 autumn-inspired nail-art ideas below.

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1. The Geode Mani

A celestial sibling to the crystal-inspired nail, this Zen manicure will keep up the good vibes all day, every day.

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2. The Creepy-Chic Mani

For a touch of spookiness without going full-The Craft (save that for Halloween), try a negative-space look with subtle curves.

3. The Fall Florals Mani

Give flower-power prints a fall-appropriate makeover by using a dark, rich hue as your base, then topping with blooms, and metallic-gold accents.

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4. The Leaf-Peeping Mani

If you can't spend all day sitting in your local park watching the leaves change—who can?—try this fall-foliage art to remember what's going on with nature.

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5. The Lunar Mani

Since year's harvest moon took place in October, pay homage to the rare lunar occurrence with some out-of-this-world tips.

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6. The French Mani Redux

What would happen if your French manicure took a disco nap? This. This would happen.

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7. The Rose-Gold Gradient Mani

For some subtlety, riff on this season's opalescent trend, and try your hand at a rose-gold, almost millennial-pink pearlescent shimmer.

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8. The Superstar Mani

The stars have the answers (or at least suggestions) to questions like date-night predicaments and even your actual tips—in this case, your manicure.

9. The Sunset Mani

Make summer last forever with this blazing look. The russet, deep red and jasper hues give this manicure depth while also maintaining the color trend of the moment.

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