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The Second Aquarius Full Moon of 2021 Is a Positive One—Here’s What Rewards It May Bring Your Zodiac Sign

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The full moon in Aquarius, also called the sturgeon moon, is occurring on August 22nd at 8:01 a.m., ET. This is the second Aquarius full moon we are experiencing this Leo season, and it’s packed with positive energy. The first full moon in Aquarius happened on July 23rd, during which we started to see a glimmer of new opportunities coming to light as a result of our past efforts and intentions. Now, with the second Aquarius full moon of 2021, we can expect to put into motion what the last full moon revealed to us. This is also a beneficial time for new relationships, elevating contracts, or creating long-term agreements.

A full moon occurs when the moon is directly opposite from the sun in the sky, causing the full and bright effect. In this case, the Aquarius moon is forming an opposition with the Leo sun in their final 29th degree. In astrology, this is called a critical degree, and when this occurs, it can represent the completion of a cycle.

Furthermore, this Aquarius moon is forming a harmonious connection with the planet of expansion and luck, Jupiter, which is in retrograde. This planetary alignment brings delayed rewards from the past, and we can experience the rewards of Jupiter through our own internal growth. In short, the second Aquarius full moon of 2021 is packed with forward momentum and progress.

The second Aquarius full moon of 2021 is packed with forward momentum and progress.

Another powerful influence on the energy of the second Aquarius full moon of 2021 is Venus—the ruler of abundance and love—which is comfortable and at home in its sign of Libra. It’s forming an exceptional connection with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, which rules over hard work, discipline, lessons, and time. Venus balances out the domineering energy of Saturn, and helps to provide long-term rewards. Communicative Mercury is also in its optimal position, forming a connection with practical Mars in Virgo, so you may notice a boost in your mental clarity and rational mind in order to decide the best way forward.

Take a deep breath, and have trust and faith in the stars. Below, discover what may bloom for your zodiac sign during the second Aquarius full moon of 2021, then get a bespoke affirmation to help you make the most if it. Incorporate your affirmation in meditation or as an energetic boost during the full moon. For a more holistic view of the month ahead, read your sun, moon, and rising sign.

What you can expect for the second Aquarius full moon of 2021, according to your sign.


This is a moment when your dreams can come true in a major way! As a result of past seeds you’ve planted, new opportunities can elevate you towards your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future. You can launch a new communications-driven project, or share your work on a larger scale for others to experience. Remain positive and know that the universe is rewarding you for all of your hard work. Working with others can prove to be fruitful for you at this time.

You can also find communication clear, and dialogue with others especially at work is extremely productive. The cosmos are providing a tremendous portal of good discernment, mental clarity, and accuracy so you can expect longevity and stability with decisions you make now.

Your full-moon affirmation: Whatever I envision for my future always comes true. I remain authentic to my message and the collective loves my perspective.


After experiencing a period of personal shifts this past year, this lunar event is now encouraging you to be in alignment with your authentic calling. It’s only natural for your work to change as you outgrow old paradigms and pursue a path that fits who you have become. This full moon is pushing you to make big career decisions, but they are all for your positive expansion and growth.

Your life path and professional life will be activated, and you can finally receive the rewards you deserve for all of your hard work. Beneficial interactions with colleagues, and partnering with a team are a good idea for you at this time. Take some of the burden off of your shoulders and ask for support.

Your full-moon affirmation: The universe always provides everything I need in order to fulfill my purpose. I have the support and assistance of those around me.


You may experience an elevation of your creative work and expansion of your mind during the second Aquarius full moon of 2021. A positive new project, idea, or opportunity can come about for you and provide you with a visible and potentially international platform.

If you've been working behind the scenes on an idea, the universe can make your launch a success. Some Geminis can also take a certification course in order to solidify their wisdom. A long-distance journey can also provide for personal growth and knowledge.

Your full-moon affirmation: The world appreciates and loves my voice, and creativity. I’m not afraid to speak my truth and accept new perspectives from others.


Money, finances, and investments are in the energetic spotlight for you. Moon cycles are extremely powerful for Cancers because this is your planetary ruler. The full moon is activating your shared resources, loans, and money you receive from others. Expect an influx in financial gains at this time.

You can finally resolve some past debts, receive a settlement, or finally receive money back from a long-term investment. If married, the monetary benefits you receive could manifest through your partner. Emotional joy, peace, and stability are also influencing your home life and pushing you to do mood elevating home improvements.

Your full-moon affirmation: Abundance is coming swiftly to me, I release attachment to when and how it arrives. I embrace the balance, joy, and beauty that surrounds me.


A current love relationship can improve, or, if you're single, you may attract a new person with long-term potential. Relationships, both business and personal, are shifting for you in a pivotal way. Growth is finally in order, and partnerships can feel profitable for you at this time. A lucrative new contract or agreement in business can also prove to be solid and beneficial to you for the long-term.

Be open to partnering with others, as this is where you can experience the most expansion at this time. You may have to pay attention to the details where money matters are concerned, but ultimately the energy of the day is providing you with the mental clarity to do so.

Your full-moon affirmation: I only attract relationships and partners who appreciate my heart and authenticity. I move forward with who feels right to me, and the universe supports my growth.


Your day-to-day work routine and health are undergoing innovation. Perhaps what you've been currently doing is no longer working for you, and now you can feel the push to make necessary changes. This could be shifting the structure of your work team, or entirely changing how you structure your tasks during the day.

You may have been burning the candle at both ends and now you can take some steps towards self-preservation. Perhaps you change your nutrition plan or incorporate more movement in your day in order to benefit your well-being. The universe is also giving you a dose of financial luck, especially for Virgos who have been working on intense work projects. You can now reap the fruits of your labor!

Your full-moon affirmation: Health is wealth, and the universe always blesses me an abundance of positive energy. I take care of myself first in order for my creativity and work to help others.


The second Aquarius full moon in Libra is empowering your long-term creative projects, self-expression, and gains through investments. If you have had an important contract pending, or have put in sweat or financial equity into an endeavor, now you can reap the rewards. This is a time to use patience.You may have experienced frustrating and disheartening delays, but now you are moving forward in a clear direction.

For some, this energy can also manifest in terms of growth in regards to children or a spotlight on fertility matters towards a more productive direction. Perhaps working in child-related matters is also a reality for you. The changes you now experience will be for the long-term, providing the growth and stability you have been looking for.

Your full-moon affirmation: Everything always resolves itself and I am allowing the universe to step in to work its magic. Blessings always drop into my lap!


You are moving into a more authentic home and career life that aligns with your future vision and who you truly are. This lunation is providing you with a window of opportunity in your career life to align with your authentic self-expression and creativity. Prepare for career elevation and to finally receive the recognition you deserve. The universe is encouraging you to move outside your comfort zone in the shadows, and swap for the spotlight.

For some Scorpios, this change in life path can also come with a move in regards to your home. You could move into an environment that allows you more personal growth and freedom. Take advantage of this powerful time and tap into the gifts you have to offer the collective. The second Aquarius full moon is clearing your path forward in a positive way.

Your full-moon affirmation: I’m not afraid to share my authentic expression with others. My work is valued and the universe is rewarding me for my heartfelt authenticity.


Communication and contracts are under the energetic spotlight for you. You can experience a growth in your responsibilities, like paperwork, contracts, or an increase in marketing efforts due to an expansive opportunity. While the second Aquarius full moon of 2021 is a busy one for you, you can finally feel relief and start to benefit from the sweat equity you have been experiencing.

Expect meetings, important communication and calls to increase, but know that you will have a clear portal to handle it with your lucky planetary ruler, Jupiter, in the energetic mix, ensuring that you come out on top. Prepare to finally receive rewards after this period of stagnancy and unpredictability.

Your full-moon affirmation: My future vision is clear and the universe is providing me an abundant path forward. Everything I need will be provided to me in the easiest way possible.


Career and money improvements are in the stars for you, and you deserve it, Capricorn! As the most professionally driven sign of the zodiac, you have undergone massive upheaval and transformation in this area of your life. The second Aquarius full moon of 2021 is positively activating your earned income and finances, finally allowing you to benefit from all of the hours (or even years) you’ve put in.

This could come in the form of a promotion, boost in pay, or a completely new opportunity. Another way this could manifest is through making the leap into freelancing or otherwise building your own business. Expect to receive what you’ve worked hard for at this time.

Your full-moon affirmation: Everything I need flows easily and effortlessly to me. I don’t need to work hard—abundance always finds me. I am never without cash.


You are receiving another full moon activation in your sign, Aquarius. This is a powerful year for you, especially as Saturn has tasked you with embracing who you truly are and changing what is no longer authentic to you. Now, this second lunar activation is encouraging you to make bold decisions that align with who you are becoming as a person.

Some Aquarians can find love abroad or form business partnerships with individuals who are far away. You also could finally launch a creative project that can reach a larger audience and provide positive growth. Remember to be yourself first, and the cosmos will provide you with even more rewards.

Your full-moon affirmation: I embrace who I am and the positive energy I have to give the collective. In return, I am always accepted and encouraged for my individuality.


You are experiencing profound personal growth that the second full moon in Aquarius will expand in a positive way even further. This is a major shift in consciousness that can elevate your mindset, encouraging you to move towards your dreams in a more active way. You are receiving the gift of confidence to share your creative ideas more openly or approach your work in a more heartfelt way. This is profound for a more intuitive and reserved sign.

For some Pisces, the opportunity to work with children or participate in a fun-filled new endeavor can come up, allowing you to restore and tap into your inner child. On the other hand, if you have experienced some challenges in regards to health or exhaustion in the recent past, this is a healing time that can shift you towards practicing self care. It’s time to put yourself

Your full-moon affirmation: I release others' opinions of me, and I lead first with my heart. The universe is rewarding me for my bravery with abundance.

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