How to Throw a Hygge Birthday Party Like Selena Gomez in 5 Steps

Because wouldn't you rather celebrate in PJs?

Selena Gomez turned 25 this weekend, and to celebrate a successful quarter-century—including chart-topping hits, an epic Instagram presence (she has more followers than anyone), and outspokenness on mental health that has us fan-girling—the singer and her friends toasted in the comfiest, most casual way possible.

In lieu of a bar crawl or night at a fancy club, Gomez's super-chill at-home fiesta included a bevy of balloons, two cakes, and lots o' leisurewear. Sounds pretty good—and decidedly un-Hollywood—right?

Here's how to take a cue from Gomez and turn your next GNO into a hygge-esque, Selena-approved celebration.

1. Stay in

Forget the brunch reservations or the bottle service booth. If staying in is good enough for Gomez, it's good enough for us all. (And so on-trend.)

2. Pick a happy color scheme and keep the decor simple

Aside from the teal and white balloons and a neon "Fetish" sign by artist Petra Collins, there wasn't much else setting the scene for a festive fete. Remember, the people make the party, not the coordinated paper goods.

3. Let someone else help with the planning

Gomez's assistant, Theresa Mingus, started sharing party setup peeks on Instagram around 8 a.m. the day of. It can be tempting to plan a whole party yourself, but in the name of sanity—and true hygge vibes—why not enlist a right hand (wo)man?

4. Keep the guest list minimal and the dress code casual

For Gomez, that meant a handful of sweatpants- and PJ-clad girlfriends (where was Taylor Swift?!), most of whom seemed happy to be sitting on the floor. While it's very unlikely that Gomez (who donned an all-white outfit) actually asked for gifts, she did get some vinyl records (including the La La Land soundtrack!) and a dreamcatcher (very hygge). And though it looked like a femme-fest, a grinning, practically giddy Gomez assured her guests (and her 123 million Insta followers during a live session) that boyfriend The Weeknd was "on his way."

5. Have a retro camera on hand

Splashy party favors can be fun, but all you actually need is a flashy camera—as in a Polaroid—to keep guests happy. Have them snap photos of themselves throughout the night and hang them up, or let them take 'em home.

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