The Selena Gomez x Our Place Collab Is So Pretty, We Can’t Stop Staring—Add to Cart Before It Sells Out

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Selena Gomez has a long-charted past of commitments to honoring mental health, like her pursuit of hobbies and habits that make her feel good, and using her makeup brand, Rare Beauty, to, "shift the narrative to shape a positive conversation around mental health."

As a self-professed amateur chef, her ventures in the kitchen embody her belief in embracing imperfection and appreciating the process. (And we dearly loved watching her own baking show, Selena + Chef, during quarantine.) It comes as no surprise then that Gomez bonded with Shiza Shahid, founder of fan-favorite cookware brand Our Place, over the culinary experience. Cooking is a way of connecting with your heritage, family, and friends—no matter your skill level. Lucky for us, they’ve combined their desire to get others into the kitchen with a new, drool-worthy collaboration that we plan on stocking our shelves with immediately.

Applying fresh colorways to the bestselling Our Place Essentials line, the Selena Gomez x Our Place collection revamps its “life-changing” products in two limited edition shades. Our go-to picks are now available in Azul, an on-trend electric blue, and Rosa, a lush berry pink that mimics Gomez's signature lip colors. These *exclusive* colors launch today and are sure to sell out quickly, so don't dilly dally on buying a single piece or just going the full monty with an entire Dinner At Selena's bundle ($215).

Better yet, 10 percent of net proceeds from this new line will go to the Rare Impact Fund, the nonprofit affiliate of Rare Beauty, which is committed to expanding mental health services for young people. Our carts are full, and our stomachs are soon to be! This aesthetic line is the ideal investment for any kitchen: attractive, multifunctional, and built to last. Read on for the breakdown of these essential Essentials launching today.

Shop the Selena Gomez x Our Place collab and rediscover the joy of cooking

Dinner At Selena's Bundle — $215.00

Can’t choose? Neither can we, which is why we suggest saving your pennies and opting for the Dinner at Selena’s Bundle, which includes the beloved Always Pan, Main Plates, and Drinking Glasses—all for just $215.

Always Pan, Azul — $145.00

We always love the Always Pan, an eight-in-one item designed to eliminate every other pot and pan in your kitchen. You’ve seen it all over Instagram, and it’s about to blow up again. Tiny apartments, this is for you! We’re not exaggerating when we say this piece does it all.

The Perfect Pot, Rosa — $164.00

The Perfect Pot is just that: perfect, perfect, perfect. (TikTok voice included.) Designed to steam, crisp, boil, bake, and more, this multifunctional wonder is an effective and stylish addition to any space. Summer soups, anyone?

Knife Trio, Azul — $145.00

Every aspiring chef needs a stellar set of knives. The best knives are the ones you don’t have to think about, the ones that never give you pause. This trio has you entirely covered with its well-balanced Everyday Chef’s Knife, Serrated Slicing Knife, and Precise Paring Knife. With these, you’ll never have to stop or troubleshoot during your cooking sesh; this collection isn’t only sharp in looks.

Drinking Glasses (Pack of 4), Rosa — $50.00

As temps climb, hydration is key! These everyday glasses will make it ever-so-easy to get your sips in. Their classic shape and size make them compatible with any beverage, while their weight is solid without being heavy. As for the coloring, each is dyed using natural elements from the earth, lending them their delightfully satisfying hues.

Main Plates (Pack of 4), Azul — $50.00

Every dinner party needs a great collection of plates. These hand-painted ceramic plates are good-looking and easy-stacking—ideal for showing off your latest recipe to your gathering. Better yet, they’re dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, meaning you can deliver a fulfilling meal no matter the method. Bonus points for being scratch-resistant.

Side Plates (Pack of 4), Rosa — $40.00

But first, bring out the appetizers! Just like the Main Plates, these Side Plates are hand-painted porcelain that are both sustainably and thoughtfully made. A surrounding lip ensures that dipping sauces stay where they’re supposed to, making them a practical option for salads, snacks, and anything else.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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