Is Energy-Healing Selenite About to Become the It–Salt Lamp for Healthy Homes?

Photo: Hello & Tree
Oftentimes, Instagram is what lets us (fine, me) know that something is happening in the world of interior design. It's become my digital guide to house plants and is the sole reason I accidentally started hoarding Himalayan salt lamps to purify my air and fill my life with good vibes. But there's a different crystal lamp that's about to take over your home and Instagram feed, according to energy healer Mama Medicine: the selenite lamp.

At last night's edition of Well+Good Talks, the shaman shared that selenite is also a form of salt—just much more condensed, and it offers a slightly different energy, which she claims is more effective at neutralizing negative energy compared to its Himalayan salt lamp cousin. Furthermore, selenite lamps—which look like white crystal ice towers—are aesthetically pleasing, and the value of that isn't lost on Mama Medicine, who added, "When you look at something that balances you, that has an effect on your well-being as well."

And bonus: Self-cleaning selenite lamps have also been noted a simple method for recharging your crystals while simultaneously bringing a healing healing glow to your home. And considering options for the clear crystal lamps are now available at national stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, it's proof that woo-woo wellness is coming to the home and never leaving.

Bring one of the 6 healing selenite lamps below into your home.

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