How to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Self-Care Sanctuary

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You do your best to keep up your self-care routine (what else are Sundays for if not masking?), but trying to create spa-like vibes in a room that's far from serene can be a total buzzkill.

Turns out—despite all your lotions, serums, and rose petal baths—you might actually be overlooking an important piece of the self-care equation: Your bedroom.

"A bedroom is the place where you allow yourself to recharge and reboot," crystal healer and interior designer Rashia Bell says. "It is a part of your self-care routine in that it's a space for the rituals that you use to inspire and kick off your day, or in the evening to feel gratitude for the things you accomplished."

"The bedroom is a great place to really unabashedly give yourself what you need."

We tapped Bell and her partner Elizabeth Kohn, the design mavens behind The Cristalline, to share their expertise on how to turn any bedroom into a high-vibe sanctuary (using items from IKEA for max convenience). Their biggest piece of advice? Make your bedroom all about you.

"The bedroom is a great place to really unabashedly give yourself what you need," Bell says. Whether it's by surrounding yourself with knick-knacks you love, or choosing decor that evokes a totally different mood than the rest of your home, your bedroom is all about, well, you. 

Scroll down for their 5 tips for turning your bedroom into a bonafide self-care haven.

ikea bedroom

1. Keep surfaces organized

One of the best ways to prime your bedroom for self care is by organizing it to assist (rather than hinder) your morning and evening rituals. That means keeping dresser and vanity tops streamlined.

"We recommend trying to keep surfaces as free as possible," Bell says. "When there are only a few objects, grouping them in the corner areas of the dresser will prevent you from having to move things around every time you need the surface."

Not only will following that organization pattern keep your surfaces functional, Bell says grouping similar objects together is also the most visually appealing for the eye. Double score.

ikea self care bedroom

2. Set the vibe with lighting

There's a reason "mood lighting" is a thing. Lighting can play a huge role in influencing mood, which is why it's potentially the most important part of creating a relaxing space for your self-care time, Bell says.

"Trying out different wattages of bulbs and using dimmers is going to give you the most control in creating the atmosphere that you want—from warm and cozy with soft lighting in the evening to bright and cheery to get you going in the morning," Bell says.

Natural light is her fave (obvi), but if your room is lacking in sunshine, adding dimmers to your existing light fixtures can help in emulating the real thing. Bell's insider tip: Buy dimmer conversion kits for your lamps too (not just your overhead lights) so you have total control over the vibe.

ikea bedroom

3. Up the cozy level with plush rugs

Your feet deserve to feel the love too (and that goes beyond a DIY pedicure). Sinking your toes into a squishy rug can turn your beauty rituals into a total-body experience.

"It’s really important in a bedroom to think about the texture of the rug that you use, and actually try it out," Bell says. "You want something that is comfortable in bare feet, and you can have a bit more fun here texture-wise because durability and traffic is less of an issue."

ikea bedroom

4. Add in personal touches

"The bedroom is a great place to carve out a little space or altar for yourself," Bell says. But before you rule out the concept as too woo-woo, Bell notes that an altar doesn't have to be dedicated to meditation—it's just a space dedicated to you. 

"It can be an area containing your favorite momentos, a corner with cozy pillows, a place where you sit and draw," she says. "It’s important to think about the objects that surround you, especially the ones you see when you first wake-up. If they are meaningful and visually beautiful then they will inspire you each day."

ikea self care bedroom

5. Make your bedroom a work-free zone

Bell particularly likes the bedroom setup above because every object is intentionally placed to create the most inviting atmosphere possible. "The bed is really being treated as a special and private space, allowing you to leave everything else behind while sleeping," she says.

Imagine your ideal relaxation scenario. Does it involve all your job-related anxieties? (We didn't think so.) So why allow those anxieties when you enter your bedroom?

"We recommend keeping the bedroom a device-free zone as much as possible, as they can energetically unbalance a room and disrupt sleep," Bell says. "Additionally, remove any other signs of work that prevent your mind from unwinding, and ideally have your workspace be elsewhere." 

In partnership with IKEA

Photos: IKEA

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