This New Year, Get Back to Basics by Creating Your Own Definition of Self Care

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You schedule a full day that includes a workout, a vampire facial (or, like, a less extreme facial), a salt bath, and a handful of other appointments in the name of "self-care." By EOD, you're beyond tired, stressed, and wondering why you didn't just hygge it up in your Lovesac. You've fallen into the performative wellness trap, my friend. But worry not: 2019 will be the year of getting back to basics.

On Monday, Mari Andrew, a writer and illustrator with a gorgeous Instagram account, shared a doodle that's really more of a set of guidelines for streamlined wellbeing throughout the coming year. If you're anything like me, you're already breaking out your felt tip pens to replicate the practice.

"'Self-care' means everything and nothing these days," Andrew writes in the illustration. "I've found it helpful to narrow it down a bit." She continues to suggest touchstones for living your best life. At once straightforward and a bit revolutionary, Andrew seeks to create time to heal old wounds and rediscover the value of time in general, among other objectives.

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Fewer cancellations/more dance parties in 2019 ?

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Don't get me wrong: If your boiled-down definition of self-care leaves room for a weekly trip to an infrared sauna, break out a pink pen and add it to your manifesto. What's cool is that everyone's list should be a little different. (Mine will definitely say something like, "Walk more slowly from place to place! Why do you sprint everywhere, you animal!? There's so much to see.") With a fresh year ahead, take some time to discover what it'll take for you to get through it thoughtfully.

If you're just getting into self-care, consider these activities your starting line. Plus, read more about why performative wellness is so 2018

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