Self Care Is More Important Than Ever—Here’s How Two Mental Health Professionals Are Tackling It

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Truth: Self care is never not important. But as 2020 has basically dialed up the stress factor by the month, there's no time like *right now* to stock up on some self-care essentials and tips.

To get a little help from the pros, we teamed up with Nature's Way® to chat with psychologist Mariel Buqué, PhD, and clinical mental health counselor Tiffany Roe about their self-care routines.

The goal? Avoiding burnout and high levels of stress. "It can certainly be the culprit behind the development of more compromised wellness," says Dr. Buquè, who conducts mental health workshops across the nation. "So staying healthy means doing what we can to ensure our minds are cared for. Even if the world still needs work, we can simultaneously work on ourselves."

Still, sometimes it can feel trivial to want to focus on yourself, right? Wrong, says Roe. "If we completely ignore meeting our needs in today’s health and social climate, we will burn out," she says. "Self care means we continue to nurture ourselves and make sure we’re in this for the long haul."

Both Dr. Buquè and Roe agree that therapy can be a powerful tool for self care as well. "It’s my favorite type of self care," Dr. Buquè says. "Having a guide—which is what a therapist is, essentially—to help you navigate life’s challenges takes some of the weight off your shoulders."

But sometimes, you just need some soothing right now—which is where having a self-care kit with simple practices you can incorporate into your day-to-day comes in. To find those out, keep reading.

Scroll down to learn the self-care essentials that two mental health pros stock up on, and shop them all in the hotspots below.

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