12 Self-Care Gifts for Spreading Chill Vibes This Holiday Season

What do you get for the person who has it all? The one thing that almost no one has: more me-time. And while you can't actually add more hours to their day, you can give them the tools to carve out more moments to actually, well, chill.

From a snuggly bathrobe to a high-tech foam roller and refreshing rosewater sprays from Heritage Store, our editor-curated self-care gifts are the holiday equivalent of your boss surprising you with more PTO days—totally thoughtful with all the de-stressing vibes.

Scroll down for the self-care gifts to get everyone on your list who could use more chill time (so, everyone).

self-care gifts



Heritage Store Rosewater, $10

Rosewater spray is the sneaky self-care tool every beauty maven should have in her arsenal. Treating herself to a quick spritz at any time of day will feel like taking a walk in a rose garden—even when she's stuck in her office.

Magic Hour Artisan Tea & Handmade Strainer, $44

There's something therapeutic about going through the motions of making tea, and this set is primed for starting a nightly teatime routine. Choose the blend you want to gift (in flavors like gypsy rose, goddess green, and bohemian breakfast), and you can already picture the recipient sighing "ahhh" after taking that first steamy sip.

JaxJox Foam Roller Connect, $99

Self care means caring for sore muscles, too, and this foam roller is one of the most advanced recovery tools yet. It has five vibrating levels and three massage zones designed to alleviate muscle soreness quickly, and connects to an app so your fit friend can track her recovery. Who needs a masseuse when you have a foam roller this high-tech?

self-care gifts

Snowe Classic Bathrobe, $98

Nothing says "I'm taking a me moment" like wrapping yourself in a plush robe and tuning out from the world for a while. Include a card with clever instructions for use (ahem, "answering work emails while wearing is prohibited"), and you'll really be giving the gift of relaxation.

Birthdate Candles, $48

This personalized candle shows you really put some thought into her self-care gifts (and didn't just grab something from the checkout aisle). It combines astrology, numerology, and tarot to create a completely custom blend designed to resonate with people born on that day.

self-care gifts

Heritage Store Rosewater Facial Toner, $12

For your friend who's always on the go, this toner will be her skin-care savior. It gently removes debris (like sweat, etc she's exposed to during her daily hustle) while hydrating with hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin, and aloe vera to support a glowy complexion—even when she's on the run.

self-care gifts

Magic of I 2020 Astrology Planner, $45

The friend who de-stresses by making lists will love you for this planner that taps into the cosmos to help her organize her life. It includes space to write monthly and weekly intentions, info for cycle tracking, and details on important moon and planetary movements—so she can always plan for when Mercury will be in retrograde.

VOLO Hair Towel, $39

This fluffy microfiber towel is an upgrade to any shower routine. It protects hair from breakage that causes frizz, and cuts drying time in half compared to a regular bath towel—leaving more time for relaxing and less time blowdrying.

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin, $10

Skin care is the foundation of every self-care repertoire, and this rosewater spray works overtime at caring for stressed-out skin. With just three ingredients—hydroessential rose, vegetable glycerin, and Vor-MagTM water—it helps to calm redness and seal in moisture for a hydrated, glowing complexion. P.S. She can also spritz it on her hair if her strands feel dry and staticky from the winter air. It's the total self-care package.

self-care gifts

Round Lush Velvet Pillows, $39

Sinking into a velvety pillow is enough to get even the biggest meditation haters to take a minute (or five) to sit still with their thoughts. These jewel-toned beauties come in seven shades so you can pick the one that matches her home aesthetic—or grab a few to create an entire chill-time nook. Did you just create a meditation convert?

Bel Ritual Candle, $175

Really level-up her meditation practice with this calming candle that releases a pin as it melts, creating a lightly resonating bell sound to help her track the passage of time as she Zens out.

self-care gifts

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box, $33+

The subscription box for the friend who is here for all things woo-woo. Sign her up for a monthly supply of crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, and more, and she'll have everything she needs for the ultimate self-care sesh.

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Top photo: Leandro Crespi/Stocksy

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