This Makeup Artist Is Living the Dream With Her 17-Step Morning Routine

For me, self-care means taking the time to make a frothy warm matcha latte in the morning—and sometimes spending an extra five minutes in bed to cuddle with my pup before getting up. (Okay, always.) For celebrity makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo, self-care looks like a morning routine so robust, it starts the night before.

In Self-Care Nation, Well+Good's shiny new YouTube series, you get an inside look at the techniques, hacks, and rituals some of your favorite people use to enhance their well-being, productivity, sanity, and overall happiness in this crazy, fast-paced world we all call home. In the first episode, Gilleo takes you behind the scenes in her own home and step by step through her extensive self-care ritual. (It's kinda like MTV Cribs, but with jade rollers and journals instead of mirrored ceilings and pimped-out rides.)

Considering Gilleo's ultimate goal has always been to help her clients glow from within, it's no surprise that, in order to get her own glow on, this beauty buff turns her skin-care routine into a major moment for mindfulness. "Every morning, I take the time to apply my skin-care products with intention. I'm very gentle with my skin-care routine," she says.

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