The Plant-Based Remedy for Your Particular Brand of Stress Right Now

Real talk: Life is stressful. While it sort of sounds like the understatement of the century—considering the emotionally tumultuous times we're living in—self care is more important than ever for managing your stress situation. While it most definitely won’t solve the world’s problems, ignoring your body’s “help!” signals is never a good call.

But just like there isn't one overarching "best" eating style or fitness routine, combatting stress requires some personalization, which means finding the tools that best help you keep your cool. And (hot tip) it's a good idea to make sure said wellness tools have been rigorously vetted, like those found at self-healing destination Standard Dose.

"The wellness industry is widely unregulated, and we created a three-tiered vetting process to ensure that everything we carry is safe, effective, and serves a purpose in the intimate space of routine," says Anthony Saniger, founder and CEO at Standard Dose.

"We’re asking people to put their health and wellness in our hands, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly."

The process has three steps before a product can hit the shelves: First, the team reviews the product's third-party lab results, then comes an additional round of independent testing, and lastly, in-house vetting. TL;DR: There's a ton of testing involved to make sure everything is actually legit.

"We’re asking people to put their health and wellness in our hands, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly," Saniger says. "Our community trusts that we’re curating the best in the space, so their focus can just be on shopping for their need state, instead of worrying if this or that product is safe to consume."

To help you get started on finding your must-haves for your particular needs, we put together this handy quiz that matches you with a plant-based remedy personalized for the way your stress is showing up lately—whether it's keeping you up at night, causing breakouts, or more generally making you feel like less than your best self. It might not fix the cause of your stress, but it's all about helping you feel a tiny bit more at grounded in the meantime.

Take the quiz to find your plant-based self-care remedy, then scroll down for the details on your lineup.

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Got your result? Keep scrolling for a breakdown on your personal stress remedy.

If your high stress levels often lead to stressed-out skin (which can lead to even higher stress levels, and the vicsious cycle continues...), calm your breakouts and irritation with Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil, which uses plant oils to hydrate and balance skin.

To round out your plant-based stress remedy, use Hora Overnight Exfoliating Mask every other night to fight breakouts, smooth skin, and add some extra luxuriousness into your beauty routine.

If you're not the type to initiate a two-hour evening routine—complete with a relaxing bath, essential oils, and a 30-minute meditation—that doesn't mean you should ditch the idea of a self-care practice altogether.

Instead, pick up a pack of The Recess Sampler (hey there, CBD-powered sparkling tea) and adaptogenic Plant People Be Calm Capsules, so you can chill out while you're on the go without slowing down. Though, slowing down now and then isn't a bad idea either...

self-care remedy

If you consider leisurely bubble baths the ultimate self-care act, this stress remedy is all about turning tub time up a notch to really soak in all those relaxing benefits.

Adding in beauty gems like Herbivore Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish (yes, it's actually made with amethyst powder) and CBD-infused, aromatherapeutic Natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath means you're not just making time for a bath, you're treating yourself to a full-on spa hour.

self-care remedy

Since you already make time for self care, adding a few simple-yet-effective remedies into your routine is your golden ticket to prioritizing de-stressing daily. Mineral Balance Tincture uses full-spectrum CBD, limonene, and CBG for mood support, while the adaptogens in Moon Juice SuperYou target your cortisol levels to help bring you back to balance.

To you, an evening spent on self-care remedies is an evening well spent. To make your dedicated rejuvenation time feel extra special, add a few ritual-boosting add-ins to your lineup—like Deborah Hanekamp's (aka Mama Medicine) Ritual Baths book, which is an illustrative guide to restorative, herb- and flower-infused baths.

Costa Brazil Breu Resin (harvested from Almacega trees in the Amazon rainforest) has been used in centuries-old healing rituals, and its woodsy smell has aromatherapy benefits. Plus, thanks to the ceramic tray it comes with, the resin looks extra pretty on display when not in use.

self-care remedy

If what you need in a self-care remedy is some serious slumber assistance, these plant-based faves will become your nightstand must-haves. Sip on some Moon Juice Magnesi-OM right before bedtime to help you get in the snoozing mood, and for a CBD-powered boost of calm, squeeze a dropper of Gossamer Dusk Tincture under your tongue. Sweet dreams, here you come.

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