Gabby Bernstein’s Guide to Living a Joyful and Spiritually Connected Existence

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Positive-vibes guru, number-one New York Times best-selling author, and Well+Good Council member Gabby Bernstein believes that the best (the only!) way to start the New Year is with joy. Her four-week plan is chock-full of mindfulness tips and mantras that will keep 2019 brimming with good vibes.

If you ask me, the most powerful New Year’s resolution you can make is to live a joyful life. Joy is the ultimate creator, so when you live in joy, you’re more in tune with the Universe and will attract your desires faster. Plus, your joyful presence lifts up everyone around you and ripples outward across the globe.

The way to cultivate joy is to commit to fun and empowering spiritual practices. While there are many ways to do this, below are four of my favorites. This January, dedicate one week to strengthening each in order to increase your mindfulness and positivity.

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Week 1: Appreciate what’s thriving by journaling

Journaling is one of the greatest ways to strengthen your faith and lean into joy.

Tip 1: Begin each day with appreciation
One cool exercise will set you up to win all day: First thing in the morning, open your journal and write out at least one full page of what you appreciate. You can write the simplest things, such as, “I appreciate how comfortable my bed is,” or “I appreciate my green breakfast smoothie.” Feel the swell of high vibes as your pen flows across the page. Focusing on everything you appreciate attracts more of it to you.

Tip 2: Write down your wins before bed
You can also wrap up your day by celebrating your miracle moments in your journal. Write down all the wins you had that day—even if they seem small, like being first in line at the coffee shop. This is especially helpful if you tend to lie in bed at night and worry. It’ll help you break free of that negative pattern and shift your focus onto all that is going well.

Never really been a “journaling person”? I created a journaling meditation that you can download free after ordering The Universe Has Your Back Journal ($11). It helps you tap into inspiration and get into alignment with the universe before picking up your pen. It’ll make journaling much easier and more fun—I promise!

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Week 2: Zen out your work space

Make work a more joyful and inspiring place by adding some spiritual elements to your office or workday.

Tip 1: Add some meaningful decor
Here are some ideas:

  • Purify your personal atmosphere with air-cleaning indoor plants such as a rubber plant or English ivy. The greenery will also help ground you by bringing some of the natural world indoors.
  • Print some of your favorite mantras or affirmations and pin them to your cubicle wall, tape them inside your work locker, or frame them on your desk.
  • Set a beautiful crystal on your desk. Citrine is a bright and positive stone, while shungite is an awesome digital detoxifier. But any crystal you love is perfect!
  • If you have the space, add even more elements, like bright throw pillows, a cozy throw blanket, and an essential-oil mister. Orange essential oil is perfect for an energy boost, while lavender is calming when work gets hectic.

Tip 2: Start the workday with a prayer
Say this prayer or mantra every day before work begins: "Thank you, universe, for showing me how to be the light. How would you use me?"

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Week 3: Have fun along the way to achieving your goals

This time of year is ideal for creating change because you can ride the momentum of a fresh start. But there’s something really important I want to emphasize: Have fun along the way to achieving your goal!

Tip 1: Check in with yourself
All too often we withhold joy from ourselves until we can cross a goal off our list. We work hard, push ourselves, and keep our eyes on the prize, saving the celebration until we’ve crossed the finish line. This is totally backward! When you have fun along the way to what you want, you attract it much faster and more easily. And halfway through this happy January journey is the perfect time to check in with yourself to make sure you’re enjoying the adventure.

Tip 2: Ask, “How do I want to feel?”
Here’s how you can shift your focus: Instead of asking yourself where you want to be, ask: "How do I want to feel?" Then do whatever it takes to feel good—it’s that simple. Remember that small actions (reading a great book, taking a walk, cooking a meal you love, calling a friend, dancing to your favorite song) make a big difference. By making fun a priority, you become a magnet for support from the universe.

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Week 4: Raise your vibration with music and movement

Music is one of the best tools we have to reconnect to our inner spirit. If you’ve felt frustrated or uninspired about certain areas of your life, you can use music to rejuvenate from the inside out.

Tip 1: Make a positive perception playlist
Do you want to shake a negative pattern or raise your energy? Create a positive-perception playlist, AKA, a mix of songs that spark your spirit. Listen to the playlist when you wake up in the morning, during your commute, at the gym, while you cook dinner, etc. I like to have one playlist with upbeat, energizing songs and one with more peaceful, calming music. (Need inspiration? Check out one of my positive-perception playlists on Spotify.)

Tip 2: Move your body
Magnify the effects of your high-vibe music by pairing it with movement. Every morning, after meditating, I jump on a mini trampoline while listening to a positive-perception playlist. This practice gets my blood flowing, wakes me up, and is awesome for my lymphatic system. You can also jump rope or dance if you prefer. Move in any way that feels good to you!

If you're feeling inspired to dive even deeper into how to make real, lasting change in 2019, check out our ReNew Year program for endless inspo.

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