3 Ways Tech Can Actually Help You Meet—and Maintain—Your Wellness Goals This Year

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Technology is everywhere. You know it, we know it. It’s undeniably a part of our everyday lives. You’re even reading this right now on some sort of technology (techception).

But, when you think of wellness, self-care technology is not likely the first thing that pops into your head. Instead, you might think of your favorite workout (Pilates, anyone?), taking your vitamins, or even just getting a good night’s sleep.

Notably not on that list? Any type of technology. But, if used the right way, technology and your favorite wellness practices can actually work hand in hand to help you accomplish your well-being goals. Take it from Valerie Oula, meditation teacher and founder of Modern Ritual NYC, who believes there are actionable ways technology can make wellness less daunting.

“For many people, technology provides an easy entry point for cultivating practices like meditation, drinking more water for better health through an app, or even just setting a reminder to pause throughout the day and intentionally breathe,” Oula says.

The mindful tech for the job? Samsung's Galaxy Watch51 (or Galaxy Watch5 Pro1 if you're all-in on maximizing your workout performance), which is designed to really get to know you in order to help you live your most well life.

To help you find your mindful balance with technology, Oula and Liza Kindred, creator of Eff This! Meditation, are sharing their insights on how you can use tech to support your wellness goals this new year—and keep them going all year long.

Keep scrolling for 3 ways self-care technology can help you accomplish your wellness goals.

1. Motivating you to move consistently

Got fitness goals this new year? Whether you're aiming to try more studio classes with friends, or just want to make it a priority to stand up from your desk more often, tech can totally help with that.

"Apps and wearable tech can help keep us accountable as we move towards our wellness goals with daily check-ins," Oula says. "Tracking data and progress ... helps us feel good with small wins/dopamine reward, which keeps us moving forward towards our goals."

On that front, Watch5 can help keep you accountable not only by tracking your progress toward your fitness goals, but also by helping you stay connected to your IRL accountability partners. With friendly competitions and live challenges with friends and family3, you can push each other to accomplish your goals together—and have a lot of fun while you're doing it.

2. Teaching you to rest properly

It’s happened a hundred times: You get in bed with every intention of going to sleep early, and next thing you know, you've been scrolling for two hours. If that's ever been you, Oula has some advice: "Simply start by putting your smartphone to bed elsewhere in your home ... and not bringing it to bed with you."

Afraid of missing an important text? With wearable tech like Watch5—which seamlessly connects to other Android devices4—there’s no need to stress about leaving your phone in another room. You can program your watch to alert you of a can't-miss notification—like a message from a family member—comes through.

There are other benefits of wearing your watch to bed, too. “By learning more about our temperature, heart rate5, heart rate variability, breathing, and movement throughout the night, we can take more steps to help ensure we are getting the best rest possible for ourselves,” Kindred says

Advanced Sleep Coaching6 on Galaxy Watch5 can help with all of the above by analyzing your sleep patterns and completed sleep surveys, and then providing you with a five-week program that includes helpful sleep tips, missions, and checklists to help you develop better sleep habits.

3. Reminding you to breathe

You wouldn't think we'd need reminders to breathe when it's, you know, vital for life—but sometimes when our stress levels are high our breath responds accordingly. “The fastest way to reduce our stress at any given moment is to change our breathing patterns, Kindred says. “The ability to take deep, slow breaths is an almost magical practice—and having technology that can remind us of that practice right when we need it can be a lovely service to our well-being.”

Galaxy Watch5 (powered with Samsung Health app1) can help you measure your stress using your heart rate data, which it continuously measures over time via the sensor in your watch. And if your stress levels spike, you can use integrated features like the Breathe meditation app to quickly help yourself feel more centered.

Consider 2023 your year to move more, sleep better, and stress less—and now you have the tools, tips, and tech to make it happen.

Ready to use self-care technology to help you meet your wellness goals this year? Get Samsung Galaxy Watch5 for 50 percent off at T-Mobile when you add a qualifying watch line.2

1. All features shown require smartphone with Android 8.0 or later, 1.5GB or more RAM and Samsung Health app (free) version 6.22 or later.

2. Offer available when you add a qualifying watch line. If you cancel wireless service before receiving 24 bill credits, credits stop and balance on required finance agreement is due.

3. All participants must have the latest version of the Samsung Health app, downloadable via Galaxy Store and/or Google Play Store.

4. Compatibility for Galaxy wearable apps: Android 8.0 or later, 1.5GB of RAM or more.

5. The heart rate software functions are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.

6. For sleep pattern results, user must wear watch while they sleep for at least 7 nights and complete a survey. Not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.


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