3 Well+Good Editors on the One Self-Care Tip They Swear By

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If you've been on TikTok today or, um, the internet in the last several years, you know that self care is now a concept that's firmly entrenched in our pop-culture consciousness. And given the state of stress you've been operating in lately, you can understand why. But what if you personally don't have the time or budget for a spa weekend—or consider yourself a "spa weekend" person in the first place?

The truth is, self care doesn't have to mean going big or going full-blown bubble bath. If you’ve made any kind of dent in scrolling through the billions—yes, billions—of #selfcare posts out there, you know there’s no one-practice-fits-all for the term. The essence is personal preference—so all you need is a little help in honing yours.

The first step is envisioning an environment that brings you joy, ease, and comfort. One thing that delivers all three, every time? Curling up in anything cotton, the classic constant in your wardrobe, home, and beauty routine. Consider this your cue to throw on an old tee, ruminate on the practices that make you feel grounded, and get inspired by three Well+Good staffers' top self-care tips. Whether it’s lingering in a steamy shower, exercising alongside a four-legged friend, or making bedtime a few minutes earlier, “you moments” are always within reach. Use these tips as a guide to finding them—and defining self care for yourself.

Keep scrolling for simple self-care tips from Well+Good staffers.

1. Make your shower the most mindful part of your day

From booking it on the treadmill to squeezing in another errand when I definitely don’t have the time, I admit to thinking that faster is better. So for me, simply slowing down is the truest form of self care. It’s sitting at my favorite coffee shop—and finally ordering that croissant I’ve been eyeing—instead of guzzling on the go. It’s walking to dinner, the scenic way. The truth is, I never regret taking an extra minute to savor the beauty around and within me.

And that includes my daily shower experience. Pro tip: Use it as an extra ten minutes to pause at the start (looking at you, early risers) or end (hello, night owls) of your day. From splurging on fancy shampoo and practicing gratitude to honing my facial massage skills (a work in progress), it's the little things that shift my mindset most.

And a cozy environment doesn’t hurt the whole slow-down shower practice, either. Wrap up in a plush towel, prep for the day in a super-soft cotton bathrobe, swipe on a pop of lipstick (because why not?), and steal a final glance in the bathroom mirror before you head off to your next to-do. Oh, and call yourself beautiful while you’re at it. — Helen Sidebotham, Branded Content Editor

2. Use a daily walk as an exercise in joy

Life gets chaotic quick, and having a toolbox of self-care practices is my secret to staying present and grounded. It’s carving out time every day to reflect on my well-being, identify ways to minimize stressors, and make more emotional space for joy.

My self-care reflection takes many forms: a yoga session, reading outside in the sun, exploring a new passion project (hello, skateboarding), or taking long walks with my puppy, June. We love greeting our downtown neighborhood friends (both human and furry) before heading to the dog park or the local community garden. Prioritizing daily movement and finding slices of nature in New York City is essential for my mental and physical health.

And putting together a dog ‘fit (for myself and for June)? That’s just another way I get to express my creativity, every day. I love a cute cotton tee, loose-fit denim, and fun socks—plus an array of colorful accessories—when I’m hopping from my morning walk to production meetings to skateboard practice.

And, as I build a more sustainable lifestyle, I’m conscious about investing in cotton pieces that are friendly to the earth and will last in my closet. — Meredith Babb, branded video producer + strategist

3. Treat sleep like a mini vacation to recharge

To me, self care includes the basic things you need to do for yourself—like actually, solely you—to feel human and show up for the people around you in a meaningful way. Becoming a parent puts this in very stark relief.

I have two kids two and under, and being able to bathe alone (in the hottest water my body can possibly handle) is an unspeakable luxury. I’m now so present when I’m eating a piece of chocolate, reading a book, or watching an episode of the latest prestige television show with my husband that these everyday moments feel like a vacation. Each of these mini vacays, in turn, helps me be a better colleague, partner, and mom.

My tip? Whether you struggle with it now or not, make sleep a priority—starting today. For me, back-to-back pregnancies and having toddlers in the house has served me a fair share of insomnia and sleep disruptions—and in the process, I’ve learned that creating the right environment is the key. An eye mask to block out light, crisp sheets to keep me cool, and comfortable pajamas are all essentials.

Cotton ticks every sleep box because it’s soft, breathable, and so comfortable. Prioritizing sleep essentials that truly create a peaceful environment is an investment in your self care, full stop. I’m now embarrassingly excited to go to bed every night, and if that’s not a self-care endorsement, I don’t know what is. — Eva Rohan, senior director, content + strategy



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