This Is the One Thing to Remember When You’re Working on Your Self Care

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How many times have you felt guilty or ashamed that you didn't wake up early for that workout class or skipped out on your few minutes of your regularly scheduled evening meditation?

It's totally understandable to feel this way (we all have), but guilt-tripping yourself isn't the path toward true self care. Part of the bigger picture is accepting balance and meeting yourself where you are right now, no judgement.

For Rachel Drori, founder of Daily Harvest—a direct-to-consumer brand that delivers chef-crafted, nourishing food built on organic fruits and vegetables—food and exercise are her two primary modes of self care. But guess what? She has off days too. "Have self compassion and say I am not going to make a home-cooked meal for myself or I don’t have time to work out," Drori says.

Drori also reinforces that just because you didn't make it to yoga or cook dinner for yourself today doesn't mean you can't start over tomorrow. Your self care hinges on you and nothing else—so showing a bit more empathy toward yourself is more than warranted.

Watch the video above to gain even more tips on maximizing your self care.

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