7 Self-Love Kits To Gift Yourself (or Others) for Valentine’s Day

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Like a rat in a heart-shaped chocolate box, pandemic Valentine’s season is upon us. But, as a single person living through such hellish unprecedented times as these, I've decided to remove that metaphorical rat from my metaphorical chocolate box and instead reclaim February 14th as an opportunity to practice self-love. If you, like me, are your own Valentine this year, you deserve something special, like self-love kits to help you romance yourself.

After all, you deserve to be seduced every day of your life, not just the one dedicated to an ordinate amount of red-and-pink everything. And these kits will help you celebrate that reality for a period much longer than a single day. Below, find seven sensual self-love kits for the Valentine who deserves it most: You!

7 Self-love kits for a romantic solo V-Day

1. Le Wand Little Pleasures Set, $145

Photo: Le Wand

This winter-white set is both a beaut and a bang-for-your-buck steal. In addition to a cute enamel pin, it features two all-star palm-sized toys ready to provide you with some quarantine lovin'. Le Wand Bullet features a simple, one-button controller and a consistent high-vibe hum that makes it a perfect easy-to-use entry-level toy. Plus, it comes with two textured heads so you have plenty of stimulation options. And, well, we've definitely had words about the wonders of Le Wand Point, the other toy included in the set.

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2. Maude Wind Down Kit, $110

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Maude specializes in self-care products that are at once multipurpose and minimalist. Its "Wash" product holds an esteemed place in my bathroom—I use it every day and feel absolutely squeaky. Fans of a good soak will also love "Oil," an alluring combination of jojoba, coconut, argan, and castor oils, primed to give you your most moisturizing wash (or self-massage) yet. You'll also get "Bath" with this set, which is coconut milk bath salts. The point? You have options, which is a win with all self-love kits.

Shop Now: Maude Wind Down Kit, $110

3. The Partners Optional Kit, $240

Photo: Dame

This iconic trio might well replace the need for human contact to fulfill sexual needs. I'm only kind of kidding. (Okay, okay, human connection is great and necessary, but still—so are these products.) The artful Dame Arc is a miracle worker for pleasure-seekers of all persuasions; the Alu aloe-based lubricant gives the perfect amount of slip for solo-play with its textured grip sleeve that ensures it'll stay in your hand during application; and Eva II is a hands-free toy that provides clitoral vibes for solo and partnered play—because eh, you never know. Enjoy all three with this self-love kit.

Photo: The Partners Optional Kit, $240

4. Self-Love Vibe Bundle, $100

Photo: Ormani

There may not be actual vibes included in this self-love kit, but the stellar pastel pack from skin-care line Ormani has just about everything else you could wantStart a self-love day by scrubbing your troubles away with the No Scrubs Ex-foliator. Then luxuriate with Let that Mango Body Butter, and get your glimmer on with Glo Getta, an antioxidant-rich oil. Next, light a vanilla candle, brew some sweet tea, put on some moody music, or write yourself love letters. All the tools you need for a celebration of you are here.

Shop Now: Self-Love Vibe Bundle, $100

5. Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Box, $30


Photo: Amazon

Retailing at $30 a pop, Bijoux Indiscret's horoscope ritual kits are a must-have for those who hold sex and magic in the highest regard. (Scorpio and Pisces, I'm looking at you.) This set includes your astrological gemstone to keep close to your heart at all times; a warming clitoral balm to bring in the energy of all four elements (plus shea butter, coconut oil, and more) to arouse you; and that cute finger vibe to help you manifest via the power of orgasm. Hey, wilder things have happened since last Valentine's Day, so you might as well give it a shot.

Shop Now: Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Box, $30

6. Take Care of Yourself Gift Box, $49

Photo: Bloomi

If Valentine's Day fills you with a hard-core case of the grumpies, get some TLC from Bloomi's extra-thoughtful gift box. It features a journal for streamlining the BS in your life, plus plenty of feel-good treats. Eat some gourmet sea-salt chocolate while simultaneously soaking in an organic salt bath. And for good measure, there's an Anti-PMS Ease Cream, which uses dreamy ingredients like bergamot, chamomile, and cedarwood to melt any cramps, inflammation, or moodiness.

Shop Now: Take Care of Yourself Gift Box, $49

7. The Quickie Kit, $44

Photo: Foria

I'm quarantining in suburban New Jersey, which isn't very erotic at all, and this lineup of CBD-infused products is saving my sex drive. Included are two intimacy suppositories, a mini bottle of Foria's personal lubricant, and another of its Awaken arousal oil.

Shop Now: The Quickie Kit, $44

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