The Best Self-Soothing Technique for Each Zodiac Sign, According to a Psychological Astrologer

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The world is experiencing a pandemic, local establishments are closing left and right, nobody can find hand sanitizer or milk, and you are constantly dehydrated. The last one actually just might be me, but you get it: Real Life is cancelled for the moment. At this point, all you can do (aside from washing your hands) is seek out self-soothing techniques that will bring you down to Earth... at least for a minute.

Luckily we have some ideas that are not only star-sanctioned but psychologist-approved. I had a very centering conversation with Jennifer Freed, PhD, a psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely, and she had healing words of advice for each sun sign. In order to Keep Calm and Quarantine On, here are a few mindset, rituals, and self-soothing techniques that every member of the zodiac wheel can embrace.


Aries is ruled by fiery Mars, the planet most likely to focus on the physical body and red hot anger. For Aries babies, you want to be able to channel your rage by allowing room for your chosen fitness routine.

"For Aries, it's important to keep expelling the anger, the irritation, and the frustrations through exercise," says Dr. Freed. "And since we're in quarantine, that means push ups. Jumping jacks, anything you can do at home."

It'll ease the pain of not being at Barry's Bootcamp for a few weeks.


"It's really important that you stay grounded, because you can get too stuck," says Dr. Freed. "So walking and cleaning out the closet, doing constructive activities that give you a sense of being productive even as you are slowed down."

Basically the worst thing for a Taurus to do is become a couch potato. Luckily I can't do that because apparently my roommate lives on our couch now. Hula hooping and Kondo-ing it is.


Gemini is the orator of the Zodiac wheel, they know how to communicate quickly and intelligently, and their natural tendency for mirror-work means they want other people to feel loved and secure. So for Gemini to keep calm, they gotta talk, and they gotta talk wisely.

"It's super important to communicate positive, appreciative thoughts to everyone you know, to stay connected to the possibilities for healing and all that's going on," says Dr. Freed. "Speak into the transformational possibilities."


I FaceTimed with my Cancer best friend over the weekend, and instantly felt very at home. She was keeping level-headed because the entire act of self-isolating isn't that much different than what she does on a typical weekend. You know how Cancerian folk love their house and hearth.

But they also can over-prioritize others over themselves, so they shouldn't forget to take care of themselves. For Cancer, you want to stabilize and nourish yourself.

"Cook healthy foods, take much time to rest and rest, even as you nurture all those close to you," says Dr. Freed. "Your emotional sanctuary comes first. The physical, too."


Lioness Leo has a natural warming presence; all that fire sign energy, you know? They also have tremendous courage than can lift up their disciples in a time of crisis. To feel like a true queen who has everything under control, they want to rule over with kindness and compassion.

"Use your extraordinary radiant affection to uplift all of those who have gotten depressed or cynical," says Dr. Freed. "The more love you exude, the quicker we will all come through this."


Oh, Virgos! You must be bugging in a time like this, when everything is so far removed from perfect. You're the only star sign that might be upset that your meetings are now all emails, you know? Even with a lack of structure in your life, you can still make use of your analytical mind.

"Enjoy the time-out to do more strategizing and planning, and have fun with things like Scrabble and puzzles, and word games," says Dr. Freed. "If you can, take time to plant a flower that will bloom in the spring."


Venus rules over Libra, meaning that this sign finds balance when it's surrounded by love and beauty. It isn't necessarily a, um, optimum moment for romance, but this is a great time to redecorate.

"This is a perfect time is to do any type of artistic activity that brings you aesthetic pleasure," says Dr. Freed. "You can redesign your home or office. And you can help other people by showing them simple ways to enjoy beauty more during this time."


Hmmmm, I would not be surprised if you Scorpios have already gone full cynical over this (and if so, get yourself a Leo friend). Explore the painful depths through healthy, introspective expression.

"Take time to journal and release all unhelpful thoughts and emotions," says Dr. Freed. "Make sure that the intense emotion you cultivate is for the greater good. Your courage and valor are the most important offering to you and others at this time."


Sagittarius is so gosh darn pleasant to be around, we miss you so much during this time of social distancing. The best move for you is to reach outward (not physically, of course), and then find calm in the studies of other sages.

"Use your extraordinary optimism to keep pumping other people up, to do their best to be safe, and friendly, and warm," says Dr. Freed. "Dig deep into the philosophers and spiritual teachers who remind you what true nature is all about."


Capricorn was busy dominating the world when the world called out sick. It is, to say the least, a totally effing bummer. Instead of acting like you have it all together, your biggest challenge is to take a mindful minute once a day.

"Stay steady, mountain goat, and remind yourself that the greatest success right now is to stay in the moment and appreciate all that you have contributed," Dr. Freed says. "Let other people help you right now, and do not emotionally isolate."

I know, I know, you don't love leaning on other people. But seriously, call a friend, you'll feel better!


Aquarius, you whimsical genius, you! Even though you love to celebrate your individualism, even you'll admit that this is... a little much. In order not to lose touch with the world and yourself, this could be a great opportunity to lead in a daily group meditation over Skype.

"Stay in touch with your friends and your allies and be the leader of collective activities that can be done remotely," says Dr. Freed. "Keep the connections vulnerable, tender and authentic."


Finally, sensitive Pisces has probably been crying the hardest over everything that's zooming into their newsfeed during this time. To that we say, time to get off the internet, Pisces, and use your love of the arts to calm your emotional waters.

"Tune in to your favorite musics and poets to remind you of the fluidity of time and space," says Dr. Freed. "All will be well if you move like water through this challenging time, and keep yourself very hydrated."

Again, that last one is probably a good move for all of us.

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