In a Major Move Toward Inclusivity, Target Creates Affordable “Sensory-Friendly” Furniture

Photo: Target
Whether it's beauty brands providing a wider range of complexion shades for their makeup or bras being available in 70 different sizes, more and more companies are making moves toward inclusivity. And the latest to listen to customers' needs is Target, with its affordable new line of "sensory-friendly" furniture.

Anytime you're strolling through the kids' section of a store, you'll be hit with products that are overly bright, loud, and flashy. For some children, that's not a problem. But for others—including those with autism, ADHD, and other conditions—those designs can cause sensory sensitivity. Depending on their degree of sensitivity, they can experience strong reactions to highly stimulating items, sometimes resulting in explosive reactions, says The Center for Parenting Education.

To ensure every child is able to have a sensory-friendly experience both at the store and at home, Target released 20 items as part of its Pillowfort brand specially designed based on customers' stories and feedback, all between $20 and $100. There are rocking chairs for kids who like to move around when sitting; floor cushions for those who like the feeling of soft fabric and different textures; foam-filled crash pads to jump, roll, and relax on; hideaway tents for quiet time; and even weighted blankets to help provide a feeling of calm—something adults use, too, because sensory overload knows no age.

Speaking of, even though these products are meant for kids, I just have one question: Is it socially acceptable for grown-ups to find some Zen in cute little hideaway tents, too? For when your JOMO day needs an extra cozy dose of solitude.

If you're looking to be more inclusive in your own life, do so by making this one simple tweak to your email signature. You can also infuse your commute with some inclusivity with these queer-positive podcasts.

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