September 2023 Wellness Horoscope: How the Cosmos Will Affect Your Well-Being This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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While not the official end of summer (that would be the fall equinox, which lands on September 23 this year), Labor Day weekend often feels like it. For many, it’s the last hurrah of the carefree season—and a pivot point to something more buttoned-up. That transitional energy could feel even more striking this year, given a few cosmic events channeling new vibes and shaping every sign’s September 2023 wellness horoscope.

As the month begins, you could feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat of your love life after a wonky ride: Love-planet Venus completes its weeks-long retrograde in Leo on September 3, ending a period during which we’ve been re-evaluating our values, reconsidering relationship dynamics, and redefining what a rich life looks like. Using the insights we’ve gained, we can take new steps forward in our love and financial lives.

It’s just important to take those steps with a modicum of caution and an eye for detail, particularly at the beginning of the month; it’s Virgo season, after all, and we have a whole slate of planets retrograde. Expansive Jupiter is joining that crew on September 4, beginning its own nearly four-month retro cycle. In turn, you could feel a newfound desire to grow and expand your world. But while Jupiterian optimism reigns, it’s also important to be realistic and remember that every idea has its limits and shortcomings.

Applying some of that Virgoan practicality and meticulousness to your communication, work tasks, and other systems in your life will also do you well this month—especially until September 15, while Mercury remains retrograde. There’s a strong get-your-life-together energy to these next couple weeks, but mid-month, the mood will lighten up a bit, thanks to both the completion of Mercury retrograde and the arrival of the Virgo new moon.

Mid-month, the mood will lighten up a bit, thanks to both the completion of Mercury retrograde and the arrival of the Virgo new moon.

Until then, however, you’d be wise to brace for some cosmic tough love. As for exactly how you’ll feel it? That depends on your personal astrology. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to discover your September 2023 wellness horoscope and pick up insights to help you navigate it with a little more flow and ease.

September 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

The back-to-school energy in the air could feel more like back-to-wellness to you, Aries. Mercury retrograde in your sixth house of health could encourage you to revamp your approach to caring for your physical body.

As the new moon in Virgo arrives on September 14, it lights up the same sector of your chart, allowing you to further clarify your well-being goals and set a detailed plan in motion to achieve them—whether that means beginning a new fitness routine, scheduling an afternoon walk each day, or simply carving out more alone time.

Wellness tip: When setting any new well-being goal, ensure that it’s “SMART:” specific, meaningful and measurable, attainable, realistic and relevant, and time-bound. This Virgoan style of goal-setting will help set you up for success.


If you’ve been feeling untethered as of late, know that the cosmic energy is a-changing, Taurus. You’ll especially benefit as Venus—your planetary ruler—ends its retrograde on September 3, lightening the load on your fourth house of family and roots. You could gain some clarity around what it means for you to feel at home or experience a breakthrough that helps you resolve a sticky family situation.

With newly fortified foundations and a greater sense of belonging, you feel primed for growth—and that’s exactly where your mind will head when expansive Jupiter begins its retrograde in your sign on September 4. This transit could have you questioning your approach to growth as well as how you authentically express yourself.

Wellness tip: Reflect upon what a life of expanded potential looks like for you, and craft a vision board to capture what you’d like to achieve in more tangible terms.


It’s time to sit with your thoughts, Gemini. Your planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde for the first half of the month in your fourth house of home and family; take this as a cue to rest and nest. Doing so will help you understand what you need to feel more rooted— not only in your physical space but also within yourself.

Two of the most significant dates in this period include September 6 and September 15: The former is the Mercury cazimi (aka when the sun and Mercury find their closest conjunction), a day on which your mind may feel exceptionally bright and your memory vivid. The latter is the day when Mercury ends its retrograde, marking a moment when you could feel ready to act on (or share) one of your thoughts or ideas.

Wellness tip: Find a space in your home where you tend to sit or hang out, and give it a slight refresh—whether with a new element of decor or a diffuser, or something else entirely. This way, you’ll feel even more comfortable when spending time there.


Communication could be a real struggle for you as this month begins, Cancer. After all, the Mercury retrograde is in your third house of communication and information. For the sake of your mental well-being, you’d be wise to prepare for your wires to get crossed, so that you’re less frustrated when it happens.

Take a beat to consider whether a different communication method might serve you better or let your thoughts come across more clearly. By September 15, when Mercury goes direct, you’ll feel as if you’re being heard more effectively.

Wellness tip: Spend some time this month writing down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a journal. (And if you already maintain a journal, devote some extra time to the practice.) Doing so could help you gain some clarity into why you might be experiencing miscommunications with others.


Like your fixed-sign compatriot, Taurus, you could feel some serious relief when love-planet Venus ends its retrograde on September 3, Leo. It’s been moving through your sign and likely shaking up your relationships as a result, bringing old friends or lovers back into your life or causing you to question the ones you currently have.

All of this action may have helped you to more clearly see just what it is—and who it is—that makes your life exceptionally enriching. As Venus (finally) resumes its direct motion, take these jewels of insight and let them guide your relationship values going forward. This way, you’ll feel more confident navigating the world around you, and you’ll be able to do so with a little more of your signature luster and shimmer.

Wellness tip: Make a list of the top 10 qualities you seek in a partner (or friend), then review what you’ve written, and re-organize them in order of importance. Knowing the kinds of people with whom you’d like to surround yourself will make it easier for you to shape your relationships accordingly.


September could feel like two months in one for you, Virgo. During the first half, with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you may feel like your patience is being tested. It’s your season, and you’ve been wanting to reinvent yourself—only to find that the universe is not aligning to help you in this matter.

To weather the cosmic storm, set aside time to get your ducks in a row. This way, when Mercury restarts its forward movement on September 15, just one day after the supportive new moon in your sign, you’ll be ready to charge forward with your plans. The “new you” you’ve been wanting to share with others is about to emerge.

Wellness tip: Notice the different ways in which the people around you may express themselves through their personal sense of style, and allow these choices to inform how you recreate your own.


It’s almost time to reignite your social side, Libra. As Venus ends its retrograde on September 3, it releases its grip on your 11th house of friendship. And given you have a predilection for camaraderie and companionship, this should be music to your ears.

As you re-engage with your friends, you could find that you do so with a fresh perspective on cordiality and cooperation gleaned over the past few weeks. And as the month continues, you’re ready to put it into practice: The sun moves into your sign on September 23 (happy almost birthday!), giving your sense of vitality a boost.

Wellness tip: As your social quotient is enhanced this month, plan a September soiree… or several.


You’re ready to make waves at work, Scorpio. Venus has been moving in its apparent backspin through your 10th house of public reputation and recognition, and as it goes direct on September 3, any recent networking you may have done could pay off.

Speaking of networking, you could find that the moment is ripe for you to connect with personal or professional allies in the back half of the month, as Mercury goes direct in your 11th house of social ties. Others in your sphere may be ready to help you with an important goal—particularly on September 21, as the sun forms a supportive trine to your planetary ruler Pluto and the energy is ideal for meaningful conversation.

Wellness tip: Identify a social issue that is important to you, and rally others to pitch in and help make a difference in the world.


It’s time to inject some organization into your everyday routines, Sagittarius. Your planetary ruler Jupiter goes retrograde on September 4 in your sixth house of daily systems and rituals, encouraging you to revamp your everyday schedule in a way that better supports your goals—and your work-life balance.

Speaking of work, you could have a star day in your professional life on September 8, when Jupiter forms a supportive trine with the sun. In particular, you could garner the attention of someone important or otherwise get noticed for a recent achievement.

Wellness tip: Declutter and re-organize something in your home or office, whether it’s your desk, pantry, cosmetics drawer, or the like. Getting things in order will feel rewarding this month.


You could feel well-equipped to handle money matters this month, Capricorn. That’s because Venus goes direct on September 3 in your eighth house of joint resources, investments, and debts. Relatedly, you could also discover how getting vulnerable with someone you trust could enrich your life; the eighth house also rules over sex and intimacy.

By mid-month, your focus could turn toward personal growth: Mercury stations direct in your ninth house of higher learning and adventure, which is also where the new moon arrives. It’s a time during which to reflect upon learning, further understanding what you believe to be true and discovering ways to share your wisdom with others.

Wellness tip: Read a book on a spiritual subject, or watch a documentary that has a philosophical bent. Taking steps to learn new information will help shepherd in the broader perspective that this month can offer you.


Emotional and sexual discovery is on the docket for you, Aquarius. It’s possible that you’ve been exploring your relationship to sex over the past few weeks, and as Mercury goes direct in your eighth house of intimacy mid-month, you could come to an important realization or epiphany.

Similar understandings around family could also arrive later in the month, on September 30, when innovative Uranus (your planetary ruler) makes a flowing trine to Mercury. You could uncover different ways in which family patterns have shaped your approach to intimate relationships or your attachment style.

Wellness tip: To get some support in harnessing emotional transparency and reducing the shame or guilt that can arise in intimate situations, add a few drops of Pink Monkeyflower essence into your water bottle each day this month.


How do you want to learn and grow, Pisces? This month offers you the opportunity to slow down and consider your intellectual path, as your traditional planetary ruler Jupiter gets set to go retrograde on September 4 in your third house of learning and communication. As Jupiter also makes a supportive trine to the sun on September 8, you could find yourself intellectually energized by someone you admire.

Take note of the energetic change on September 19, however, as the moon (which rules over emotions) opposes Jupiter: Someone else’s need for attention may leave you feeling depleted in your efforts to help them. Shore up your energetic boundaries so you don’t take on feelings that are not yours to carry.

Wellness tip: Take stock of whether you may be expressing codependent tendencies in your closest relationship(s). Noticing these behaviors and setting firmer boundaries can help you keep your innate sensitivity and compassion from becoming a weakness.

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