This Month’s Full Harvest Moon Is in Pisces—Here’s What Each Sign Can Expect

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Pull up Lana Del Rey's new album and prepare to play it on repeat, because today is the day of the September full harvest moon—which is all about light and preparing for the change of seasons—and it's happening in Pisces. So basically, get ready to feel all of your feelings.

"This is the sign of spiritual insights, intuition, and supernatural phenomenon," says intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang. Pisces is counterbalanced by Virgo, "the sign of details, discernment, and order," which is currently direct, she adds. This combo may have you finding a balance between spiritual and practical. "You could have profound insights and realizations. Then, you will need to find ways to ground those spiritual revelations in the very practical here and now," she says. This is also a time when your decision-making processes may feel unclear, due to configuration between Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune. "You may not see things clearly. Balance hope with reason, faith with practicality."

So if you feel the urge to stay in and listen to really dramatic '80s power ballads tonight while sitting on your floor feeling your feelings and doing a face mask, honor that. Lang says this is a full moon for self care, whatever that looks like for you. "The moon in Pisces urges you to heal some aspect of your life, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Emotions could surface, but they should be sensed and felt—and not suppressed," she says. The moon in Pisces also encourages you to access your creativity. "Creative outlets help relieve anxiety, but they also help you access your inner voice, that of your soul," Lang says.

"The moon in Pisces urges you to heal some aspect of your life, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Emotions could surface, but they should be sensed and felt—not suppressed." —astrologer Rachel Lang

Also, it's time to create some boundaries. "Venus, the relationship planet, is at the last degree of Virgo, and she calls you to be careful and discriminating with your time and energy," says Lang. "If you’re ready for a new beginning in love, you could see an open door, but you’re a little more cautious than usual. Be cautiously optimistic, though, since the Virgo influence helps you break free from relationship patterns that are unsupportive." And for a more detailed idea of what to expect from the September full moon, read on for Lang's breakdown.

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Take care of life’s little details during this full-moon cycle, during which you find yourself quite busy with tasks and your to-do list. To stay organized, prioritize what matters most. Speaking of this, make health a top priority. Schedule a massage, a facial, or acupuncture. Look for alternative therapies for some of your physical ailments. This is no time to ignore any health-related concerns. You could feel more introspective and may realize significant insights.


This is a social full moon for you. Make the most of this influence by spending time with friends. You could be inspired to lead a group, run for office of a charitable board, or volunteer for your favorite cause. Express yourself fully, and don’t be afraid to speak up for a cause you hold dear. Your words have power right now.


You may feel pulled in different directions, balancing work and home life. The full moon spotlights career opportunities, but you may be confused about which path to choose. Likewise, trust could be a factor. Who really has your back? Pay attention to your intuition, and trust your gut. You may be involved in a home-related project, like a renovation or a remodel. Rather than jump to conclusions, give yourself time to make the right decisions. You could change your mind over the next week or so.


Expect your bonds with the people who show up for you no matter what to be tested this week. You could reconnect with a sibling or make plans to gather with family or friends who feel like family. If you can, take a chance to connect strengthen loose bonds. Have faith in others, no matter how much you’ve been let down in the past. Let go of the pain or disappointment from bad experiences, and trust in your ability to attract positive, supportive relationships.


Decide what abundance looks like for you, and structure your finances to better align with that vision. This is a time to consolidate debt, pay taxes, and attend to similar tasks that help set a foundation for a financially secure future. If you and your partner are talking about merging your finances, consider taking steps to work through fiscal issues now—like by scheduling money dates—and strengthening your relationship in the process.


This full moon illuminates significant themes in your love life: Do you value yourself highly and attract healthy partners into your life? Take notice of when you feel taken for granted, and speak up to let others know what you need. This is a time to take center stage without feeling the need to share the limelight with anyone else. The same message applies to life circumstances: For example, is an illness or other challenge dimming your light or stealing your focus? Reframe the experience so you don’t feel like a victim of circumstances.


This is an introspective full moon for you. Focus on relaxation by meditating, doing yoga, or trying a spiritual practice to help you gain perspective during stressful times. Even if you're incredibly busy, taking time for self-care practices now will prove invaluable for you in the coming months. Take time to turn inward, and tune in to your inner guidance for advice about handling challenging life circumstances. It can be easy to look outside yourself for answers, but they’re all within. Still yourself to attune to your inner wisdom.


Indulge your inner child this full moon, and make this a top priority for self care. What did you most enjoy playing as a child? The answer to this might help you determine how to best meet you inner child’s needs. Put effort into discovering ways to be more playful and less serious in your everyday life. And, beyond being a creative time it’s also a fertile one: If you and your partner have been trying to conceive or adopt a child, you could make significant progress this month. Roadblocks will be illuminated for you to clear out of the path.


Prioritize staying in a positive mind-set this full moon. If plans change suddenly or circumstances evolve beyond what you imagined, trust in the unfolding of a plan you might not be able to fully see. Look for signs you’re moving in the right direction within your environment, in conversation, or by using your intuition. This is a spiritual time for you, and you may benefit from meditating or holding a full moon ritual to release anything that no longer serves you. Professionally and personally, doors are opening, but others may have to close first. Stay open-minded; you never know how the story will evolve.


Get ready to feel a desire to travel and explore (or make a plan to travel and explore) a new landscape. This full moon may inspire a sense of faith, helping to offer you an optimistic perspective on life. Use this influence to let go of negative thoughts or vibes and manifest positivity. On a practical level, this is a time when your mind is sharp and focused. You can use this influence to help you market yourself or your business, send proposals, communicate with others, or host a meeting. If you’re planning an event, attend to the minor details, and delegate tasks if you can.


Financial matters—especially your self-worth as it relates to money—is the focus for you this full moon. Realize, at the core of financial concerns, you often find themes of self-esteem and deservedness, like your own stance on whether you deserve a raise. Appreciate your hard work. Pat yourself on the back for your successes, and honor every step you’ve taken on your career path. This is a time to plant seeds of intention but also to recognize how far you’ve come.


This full moon is in your sign, which means you may be particularly influenced by it. You may experience a mixture of emotions, which may feel confusing at times. Some of the emotions may not even be your own, but vibes you’re picking up from others close to you or the world at large. Try to center yourself, grounding in the present moment, and take time to listen to your inner voice and your intuition. Because you may feel foggy or unclear, give yourself a break. Don’t feel pressured to make big life decisions, but ride the waves of any emotions that arise for you. Know this is an important time, but you can delay taking action on insights that come up for you.

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