How You View (and Like to Have) Sex, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Sex preferences and sexual appetites and needs fall along a spectrum, and no one is right or wrong: Some people are totally satisfied with having one sexual partner in their lifetime while others want to explore before settling down—and even upon settling down, some adhere to different views on monogamy. Additionally, some people see sex as an emotionally led intimate act, whereas others feel it’s more so a physical release, and many others fall somewhere between those two markers.

Beyond those qualifiers are even more ways to categorize a given point of view on sex preferences—so, what's yours? To help provide insight into your unique take, look no further than your Myers-Briggs personality type. (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this first!)

Below, check out your sex preferences, according to your Myers-Briggs personality type.

The Guardians
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You’re conservative about sex, and you’d rather settle down with one partner than play the field. You typically find what you like and stick with it, which may mean you’re not super-adventurous in bed. More than anything, you love connecting with your partner. Feeling at home in their arms is exactly where you want to be.


You really enjoy sex within the scope of a relationship, but you're known to follow your emotions and often end up with an unintended fling or two. You view sex as a sign of your feelings in a given moment, and you love to explore those feelings physically. When you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes to please your partner; you’re a very giving lover.


ISTJs are a bit shy when it comes to sex. You don’t favor flings, and prefer to get to know a person before opening up sexually. You’re very concerned with your partner’s satisfaction, and will go extra lengths ensure it is reached. You tend to feel sex improves with time, and that it requires work to maintain a long-term sexual connection with your partner—but that's work you’re willing to put in.


ESTJs don’t typically like to beat around the bush; you are assertive and direct about what you want in bed. You love sex and relationships in general and are exploratory in the bedroom when you’re feeling especially turned on. Most of the time, you stick with your favorite positions to have mutually agreeable sex for you and your partner.

The Artisans


Sex preferences for ESFPs includes enjoying flings and relationships alike, although sometimes you end up developing feelings for someone when it’s just meant to be casual. You’re passionate in bed and an extremely open-minded partner. As long as you’re getting off and your partner is giving, you’ll go to any length to make sure they’re satisfied.


ISFPs tend to be laid-back about sex. You like to explore new people in the moment, both mentally and physically, even if you look back at some of your encounters with lackluster emotions. You are unlikely to experience peak physical pleasure, though, until you’re in a relationship with someone you trust. You may have trouble orgasming with new partners. But you love sex when it feels right.


ESTPs are very grounded, earthy, and sensual. You love to flirt and explore sexual opportunities as they arise while you're single—and you generally don't seek out committed relationships. Still, staying with one partner for a long time often allows you to explore realms of your sexuality that you didn’t know existed. That trust, stability and familiarity leads you to embrace even more passion and adventure in the bedroom.


ISTPs typically stumble into sexual opportunities; you are so casual and focused that you often have to be pursued a little. But if someone makes that move, you tend to be enthusiastic. You see sex with someone new as a puzzle to figure out what turns them on and gets them off. And when you’ve been with someone a while, the puzzle is exploring new ways to keep the flame alive.

The Idealists


ENFPs make for enthusiastic sexual partners. You love figuring out your new partner’s buttons and pushing each one. You're also never at a loss for ideas and positions to try, which keeps sex interesting for you—even in a long-term relationship. In fact, you thrive most when you feel your emotions are taken care of during sex, typically in the confines of commitment.


Sex preferences for INFPs operate on two levels: the here and now, and the deep and passionate. You’re happy to engage in no-strings casual sex, so long as that person is kind, considerate, and giving; however, you’re most at home in a relationship when you can attach feelings to the act itself. You love making sure your partner is satisfied, and you tend to make physical connection a crucial part of relationship maintenance.


ENFJs are commitment seekers who rarely seek sex outside a stable relationship. Once you’re in a committed bond, sex is an opportunity to care for the needs of your partner, learn more about them, and show love—all wrapped into one. You can almost be too giving (wink, wink). That said, your secret sensual side tends to come out with sex, and you make a ton of time for it.


INFJs are just as selective about their sexual partners as they are with their friends; your relationships and community are tightly knit, which can make it hard for you to open up to new people. You also fall in love deeply and quickly, with each new partner, so you tend to wait until you’re sure about your feelings before taking a physical step. With that, sex tends to get better and better in time for you. The more comfortable you get in a relationship, the more you let your wildest side out in the bedroom. Sex is a great release for you.

The Rationalists


INTJs may embrace a casual fling or two, but they tend to explore their sexual side within a committed relationship. You love being in a relationship and your sex preferences include consistency; you can ask for whatever you want, and learn new ways to get your partner off. Like everything else in life, you take sex as a challenge—a way to go broader and deeper, learning more about your significant other and exploring new sensations together.


INTPs tend to like both casual and relationship sex, but you have to have some kind of foundation of friendship and companionship if you’re going to feel truly comfortable getting physical. You love exploring new positions with your partner, but sometimes, the pillow talk afterward is the best part for you. Everything you do must have some type of mental engagement.


ENTPs are well-known flirts, and they tend to embrace both casual and serious relationships. In bed, you are creative, playful, and giving; you only feel as happy as your partner is satisfied, even though you love getting off for its own sake. You don’t take sex too seriously and prefer to see it as a fun way to enjoy someone (new, or familiar), and a supplement to the relationship you’re developing or nurturing.


ENTJs tend to prefer getting to know one sexual partner for lengths at a time, whether the relationship itself is casual or deeply committed. You tend to be passionate and direct in bed, and initiate more than you passively receive. You let a secret sensitive side out with your significant other, and love to be cared for as well. It’s a great way for you to unwind.


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