7 of the Best Sex Toys for Larger Bodies, Because They’re Not One-Size-Fits-All

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While the notion of every person being entitled to sexual pleasure is innately inclusive, the reality is that not all sex toys are one-size-fits-all. Consider the size and shape of a slimline vibrator: To use it, a person must grip the toy at the base and stretch their arm past the length of their body to reach their genitalia. But for many, a belly, hips, and thighs could limit the reach. That's why certain designs and products make for ideal sex toys for larger bodies.

Sex toys for larger bodes "make it easier to reach your pleasure zones,” says inclusivity advocate Christina Winkelmann. “I'm talking about longer handles, remote access, and suction capabilities… Our larger bodies can sometimes make it harder for us to reach those areas, so longer, curved handles help with overall reach.”

"Our larger bodies can sometimes make it harder for us to reach pleasure zones, so longer, curved handles help with overall reach.” —Christina Winkelmann, inclusivity advocate

There's no need to contort your body to fit the dimensions of a sex toy that will not budge, though, because a number of products available make pleasure accessible to people with larger bodies. Below, learn about the design elements to consider in selecting such sex toys, then check out some of the best options currently available.

5 design elements of sex toys for larger bodies

1. A longer stem

A longer stem or handle of a toy provides more access to reach erogenous zones. Whether masturbating or touching a partner, an extended dildo or a vibrator with a sturdy handle can provide more length—thus, more pleasure.

2. Flexible material

A bend or curve in a sex toy creates ample space for the piece to rest on the body and allows the user to experience pleasure comfortably. For example, a wand vibrator with a bendable head is an excellent universal massager because the head covers a large surface area and can stimulate different body parts that are most accessible in specific positions.

3. Single function

While dual toys are great for compounding the intensity of your pleasure experience, chances are what works for one part of your body might not work for another. Because of this, trying to use them might create undue stress.

For instance, maybe a toy offers direct external stimulation and a vibrating internal piece, but the internal function isn't a shape that works for you or doesn't provide the space you need. In this case, find an internal toy that provides the pulsing, thrusting, and firmness for your body with the right amount of grip area for you to manipulate.

Then, snag an external toy that can stay in place or easily move for your pleasure. This allows you to get everything you want out of your sex toy while mitigating the stress of a dual product not fitting, adjusting, or laying as its meant to.

4. Assistive features

We want to work with our body, not against it, to have a sexy solo or partnered experience. And certain sex toys allow for easy modifications to facilitate this.

For example, vibrating grinding pads enable more access to our bits, and remote-control toys allow folks to toggle through set patterns without needing to contort or strain the body to different positions. Also, "suction toys are great because you can attach them to stable, hard surfaces that you already know are secure and will allow you to ride hands-free," says Winkelmann, adding that this is a win because it allows you to reach erogenous zones in various positions without needing your hands to place the toy.

5. Thoughtful button location

It's important to have easily accessible controls when shopping for sex toys for larger bodies. That way, you can quickly adjust the speed and pattern if the sensation is too much or not enough. Think about how this toy will be used, where it will be placed, and how it lays on the body. From there, determine if it will work for your body, so you don't find yourself on the brink of orgasm but unable to reach the button to turn up the intensity that one last notch you need.

7 sex toys for larger bodies to shop now

JimmyJane Evoke Du-o — $30.00

The Evoke Du-o allows users of all sizes to wheel the vibrating end all across the body, thanks to its curved and extended handle, which can also function as a penetrative wand.

Dame Com — $99.00

The Com is Dame’s take on a classic wand vibrator, but improved upon with a softer silicone exterior and a bend at the top to accommodate rounder bodies. The extended handle improves reach capabilities while also covering a large surface area with its bulbed head.

njoy Pure Wand — $120.00

The njoy Pure Wand is designed to reach the G-spot and P-spot with its bowed stainless-steel body—perfect for a pressured internal massage in any position that suits you. The firm surface of this non-vibrating toy is designed for internal stimulation where nerve endings crave pressure over buzzing. Experiment with each of the tips for a fuller (1.5 inches in diameter) or a more pinpointed (1-inch diameter) sensation.

Vedo Thunder Bunny — $55.00

Looking for more oomph in your pleasure practice? Add a C-ring to the mix. Turn any internal vibrator or dildo into a dual toy with this fluttery C-ring by placing it at the base of the toy. The elongated bunny ears of the Vedo Thunder Bunny sit on top of a base located underneath the rechargeable motor. This design concentrates the vibration to a small area for a punchy, pleasurable effect.

CalExotics Lust Remote Control Rechargeable Silicone Textured Grinding Pad — $110.00

Get ready to melt into your chair because this vibrating grinding pad is everything. The contours of the Lust fit perfectly across external nerve endings, and the ribbed texture carries vibrations, pulsations, and escalations to the most sensitive areas of a vulva-owner. The remote control makes makes this a simple-to-use product that can be placed on any flat surface for hands-free pleasure.

B-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads — $150.00

The length and progressive bead sizing of the Cinco Anal Beads allow for it to be used as a plug with a sturdy stem or as a way to gradually level up anal play intensity, one bead at a time. Also, the curved, flared base provides an extra grip when inserting or removing.

Unbound Divvy Vibrator — $75.00

The Divvy Vibrator is remote-controlled, featuring three speeds and two patterns. “It’s so quiet but surprisingly powerful,” says Sean Taylor, a size-inclusivity advocate and content creator. “I was worried it would be annoying to get to stay in place, but that’s where thick thighs…really come in handy.”

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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