The 6 Gifts a Top Sexologist Can’t Wait To Give to Everyone on Her List This Season

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We are finally in the thick of the holiday season, and that means that it is *crunch time* when it comes to finding the perfect presents for everyone on our lists. And while receiving gifts sparks major joy, and seeing our best friends' faces light up when they open our thoughtful and perfectly wrapped treats garner the kind of excitement and pride that you simply cannot tie up in a bow, figuring out what to actually give is no easy feat. To help? We take inspiration from the pro gift givers, year-round shoppers, and experts who try out every product out there to help us pare down the infinite scroll of stuff.

Experts In This Article

With the holidays finally here, we've tapped a few of our favorite members of the Well+Good community to provide us with a little insight—a sneak peek, if you will—into what wellness products (from fitness tools and skin-care essentials, to culinary necessities and more) they can't wait to gift to everyone on their list this season. Maybe this will give us all a little inspiration and guidance when it comes to shopping for the ones you love.

Which is why we spoke to master sexologist, Carol Queen, PhD.

Carol Queen is an author, editor, sociologist, and top sexologist who is known as being the best "pleasure activist" around. She focuses her work on diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, and acceptance when it comes to all things sex, pleasure, and sexuality. She is also the Staff Sexologist and Historian at sex toy and accessories brand Good Vibrations. Scroll down to shop the six wellness essentials that Queen can't wait to gift this season.

The 6 gifts a sexologist can't wait to give this season

Good Vibrations Pussypedia by Zoe Mendelson — $25.00

“This fierce and very entertaining and illuminating book is a must-have for anyone who needs to know about vulvas—which is most people, not even just those who have those bits or have partners with those bits,” Queen raves.

Vesper by Crave — $69.00

“This elegant necklace has a superpower: It’s a vibrator! It also helps shame and secrecy around pleasure just melt away,” says Queen. Who doesn’t love an accessory that multitasks?!

Starsi External Vibrator — $93.00

Made for anyone and everyone by a nonbinary person, this vibe truly is as cute as it is functional. Queen loves the fact that this vibrator doesn’t discriminate when it comes to serving major doses of pleasure.

Oura Ring Generation 3 — $299.00

“I began wearing the Oura, the most stunning fitness tracker on the planet, when I signed up for a COVID vax study. I love keeping up with my sleep cycle and all the other ways the Oura lets me tune in more closely to my wellbeing,” says Queen.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pop Art 3D Facemask — $13.00

With over 1,000 five-star reviews, this comfortable mask lets you channel the power of the icon on it while keeping you safe. The multicolored pop art design is also fun, stylish, and goes with every outfit.

Internal Clitoris Necklace in Sterling Silver — $90.00

This sterling silver necklace is a statement piece. “Not all sexy necklaces vibrate. This one was designed by the late, great ‘Mother of Masturbation,’ Dr. Betty Dodson, whose gifts as a fine artist are right up there with her gifts as a pleasure activist,” says Queen. She also loves all of her other work of art pieces of jewelry.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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