I’m a Sexologist, and These Are the 4 Sex Toys I Have in *My* Nightstand

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If you’re reading this now, I assume you’re trying to give The Drawer a makeover. Don’t be coy—you know The Drawer; it's in your nightstand, and may house a vibrator, some condoms, and stray AA batteries that you hope would work in an emergency. So, if you want to breathe new life into whatever state your pleasure stash is currently in, you may be in the market for some sex-toy recommendations.

While pleasure is highly personalized in terms of how a person likes to go about achieving it—whether fast or slow, experimenting with different techniques or not, etc.—it never hurts to call in an expert. For that we have Rebecca Alvarez Story, sexologist and founder of Bloomi (which, manufactures a highly effective arousal oil, BTW).

"The same way we proudly leave cosmetic products and perfumes on our bathroom counter, we should feel good about leaving our favorite sex products on our nightstand," says Story. "Here are the ones I love to display and have handy."

4 sex toy recommendations, from a sexologist who uses each

1. The Heart Slim by Chakrubs, $139

sex toy recommendations

Lest we forget, rose quartz is a love crystal, and you can charge yourself with plenty of self-love if you bring this into the bedroom. True to its name, the Heart is meant to clear blockages in your heart chakra, promote comfort and compassion, and, y'know, provide you with a totally unique sensual experience as you supercharge your next orgasm.

"I’m a fan of crystals and crystal sex toys, especially rose quartz, which has been [anecdotally] shown to reduce stress and emotional tension," says Story. "The smooth, non-porous crystal feels amazing on your skin and brings a sense of sacredness to sex. It’s also gorgeous, so it's perfect for nightstand accessories."

2. Gigi 2 By Lelo, $139

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"If you need a toy that is strong and has a slight curve for easier self-pleasure, this is it," Story says. "Gigi 2 was actually one of my first sex toys ever, and I replace it every couple of years to keep it in rotation."

Gigi 2 is famed for its versatility, with a unique design that's meant to be flipped over and used to target two of our favorite types of orgasms. "It has multiple functions and is meant to be a G-spot stimulator, but it's is also great for clitoral stimulation because it has a flat, smooth end," Story says. "Win-win."

3. Wink by Crave, $79

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Wink looks sleek, simple, and elegant—and small. Discretion seems to be the selling point of Wink, given that, aside from it's diminutive size, it's whisper-quiet. It's no wonder, then, that Story enjoys it as a quick, on-the-go vibe.

"I love Wink as a nightstand toy when I travel to get quick clitoral orgasms on the road," Story says. "It’s easy to throw in my purse and adds a pretty touch of rose gold to my hotel nightstand."

4. Lioness by Lioness, $229sex toy recommendations

This vibrator is the real Queen of the Jungle when it comes to high-end sex tech. It operates like a classic rabbit vibrator, but also has three sensors that track your orgasms and all the factors that might impact it—and then shows you your results.

"Since I had a baby last year, I’ve been working on getting my pelvic floor back in shape for the last few months," says Story. "Lioness is a smart vibrator that stores orgasm data—strength, length, and other helpful data. Every few weeks, I pull this one out of my drawer to check my progress."

If you're looking for a zero-dollar way to rev up your sex life, it's time to test out temperature play. And if you're trying to reach new heights with your partner, there's an intimacy app for that

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