The Best Sexual Fantasy for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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Regardless of your current relationship status or romantic situation, simply wanting to explore is a great reason to try something new sexually—and if you're currently in a sex rut, that interest in shaking things up may be even more pressing. With so many options for how to explore sexually—like role-playing, bondage, costumes, lingerie, sex toys, temperature play, and beyond—it may be of interest to narrow those options as you pick what to try. With this in mind, you might consider trying the best sexual fantasy for your zodiac sign.

Of course, no matter what kind of sex play you are engaging in, obtaining ongoing consent from all parties involved is mandatory throughout the session. And in the case of new exploration, having discussions with your partner(s) beforehand to set boundaries so you feel prepared and in control is a great idea.

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As far as what, specifically to try, below, Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care, offers insights about the best sexual fantasy for your zodiac sign.

Keep reading for the best sexual fantasy for your zodiac, according to an astrologer:

Aries: role-playing

“Aries are competitive and love to enter into a battle, with their eyes on winning the prize or argument,” she says. They love to keep things fresh and new with that bit of competitive energy thrown in to ignite their passion and ambition. With this in mind, they may be interested in trying role-playing.

Taurus: being in nature

“These beings are very sensual creatures who adore pleasure, but they are also practical, grounded and connected to the Earth,” she says. The best sexual fantasy for a Taurus zodiac sign could include anything in nature—so think having sex under a tree, in a garden, in a hammock, or in a tent on a camping trip.

Want to kick it up a notch? “Being blindfolded may further heighten their sense of touch, taste, and smell,” Gailing says, as Taurus has a keen affinity for senses. You can also try “disrobing, which will lead to slow and lingering lovemaking that is thoughtful and tender,” which is something she says Taurus loves, as they’re sentimental, romantic people, she adds.

Gemini: adding more partners or swinging

Geminis are curious and communicative people, and they tend to be open to a great many sexual fantasies. “They love to learn and share what they know, and as this is the sign of the twins, Gemini likes to do things in pairs,” she says.

Perhaps swinging with another couple could pique their interest and bring in some novelty and excitement. If you go this route, just make sure you are secure in your relationship as a couple (and the others involved are as well).

Cancer: incorporating food

“Cancers are sensitive and emotional, and home and family are really important to them, where they love to nourish and feed others and they also have a protective nature, which they appreciate in others as well,” she says. They might want to try a romantic role-playing scenario that involves nurturing and sense of protection, as well as a deep, passionate, and fairytale-like kind of ending, upon reuniting and becoming intimate.

Another idea could be cooking a meal together (as it gives that “family” sense of vibe), but midway through the recipe, you may just find yourselves getting down to business right then and there—and incorporating food as you do.

Leo: nude drawing

Leos are creative, expressive, and love to be the star of the show. “They love to perform and appreciate the art of performance," says Gailing. So, channel those Hollywood vibes for role-playing or try something artistic. “You could role-play where a famous star notices them at a party and pays them lots of attention, finally to then seduce them in a lavish way,” she adds. Another idea could be having the partner pretend to be an artist, where Leo strips down for a nude portrait.

Virgo: rope-tying

“Virgos are often modest; they like things to be organized, and they often have a systematic approach to things,” Gailing says. They are very into details and craftwork, so fantasies should revolve around those aspects.

“Appearing demure at first and then throwing their modesty—and all their clothes—to the wind, Virgo can try having intense and provocative sex,” she says, suggesting rope bondage involving the meticulous tying of knots. “The appreciation for the craft of the knots would be a turn-on for the Virgo.”

Libra: setting a sexy scene

Libras are relationship-oriented and romantic. “They are social and sybaritic and enjoy the finer things in life,” she says, so their sexual fantasy should have some luxurious aspect to it, which you can accomplish by setting the scene.

Go shopping together, and enjoy a sneaky quickie in the dressing room. Try on beautiful, expensive items, get all dolled up and then slip into a private dressing room together and strip off all those pricey items. If not a store, try a fancy hotel with all the trimmings—the luxury bed, champagne, bubble bath, roses, designer lingerie, and more.

Scorpio: experimenting with control

These intense and emotional creatures are known to have a strong sexual nature, so they will love most fantasies, especially those where they are in control and have power. “They are often thought to be secretive and have an affinity for the dark,” Gailing says, so turn off the lights and let some devilish energy come on out.

Sagittarius: travel fantasies

“Sagittarius are explorers and adventurers who love a good quest and have a joie de vivre spirit where they love to learn, travel, and discover foreign lands and cultures,” she says, suggesting the best sexual fantasy for this zodiac sign is to imagine being in a new travel destination.

“While traveling in a foreign country, a partner gets swept off their feet by [someone] who doesn’t speak the same language—but does speak some kind of erotic language." Ooo-la-la!

Capricorn: career-related role-play

Capricorns are loyal and ambitious people, and sometimes that can translate to them being overachievers in the bedroom.

“They love to be productive and achieve success so sexual fantasies could be career-oriented, like having sex with their boss or bringing their partner to their office late at night,” she says. Anything that makes them feel successful, powerful, and dominant—as well as submissive at times when roles are reversed—can be fun to play around with for Capricorn.

Aquarius: sex toys

“These innovative and intellectual beings are always thinking about the future, and their core values often align with altruism and humanitarianism," Gailing says. So, Gadgets and gizmos will surely spark an Aquarius’ interest. “Tech-curious, Aquarius may envision a liaison that involves a gamut of sex toys,” she says. So pick up a batch of sex toys that seem intriguing and maybe even complex.

Aquarius is also attracted to intellectual conversation and debate, so having sex with someone who sparks their mind or seems as mysterious as they often appear to others can be a major turn-on too.

Pisces: water sex

Pisces are dreamers and romantics who often go with the flow. “They are captivated by their imaginative minds, and can be quite empathetic. And as a water sign, they align with the aquatic,” Gailing says. “Have sex poolside—in the pool, on a raft, in the shower, in the hot tub, on a boat…Pisces will love the feel and sight of the water.”

Add in some tantric sex elements—think sexual yoga positions, massage, deep eye contact, and heavy, steady breathing. “Tantric sex helps them feel spiritually connected and at one with the universe,” she adds. Incorporate tantric massage and sexual yoga or stretching as foreplay leading up to that dip in the pool. Warm up first to then cool off together.

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