Your Energy Horoscope for January: Get Ready for Big Things in 2018

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Every month, Alyson Charles (AKA RockStar Shaman) offers up an energetic forecast, which can serve as a metaphysical roadmap for the coming weeks. After all, it's not just the stars and planets that can give you a heads-up on what's about to happen. Keep reading for her cosmic divination for January: what she sees coming and the spirit animal she says you'll want to call forth as a guide to help you on your path to self-actualization. 

Last month we began building a sacred container within us, as we focused on personal power rituals to keep us centered and awake, by being in our bodies more, and expressing our voice through song. December’s guidance continues to serve a huge purpose as we head into a divinely potent and magnificently powerful 2018.

The energies and medicines that have been working through us, especially on a cellular level, may have taken you through some intense memories so you could heal on a deeper level. All of what’s been occurring, no matter how intense it appeared or felt, was lovingly leading us to being ready to go from one level of existence to another. January (and really, all of 2018) is about shedding to rise, releasing to uplift, and liberating to higher energy. And we have the mystical and incredible snake animal totem—who revealed himself very powerfully for this forecast, and whose medicine is “renewal of life"—to assist us all year long.

All of what’s been occurring, no matter how intense it appeared or felt, was lovingly leading us to being ready to go from one level of existence to another.

You have most likely already begun to get ideas for how your life can uplevel in 2018. Where can you raise your standards? What areas of your life have you consciously or subconsciously kept the bar subpar so you’re not maximizing your highest potential (which is ever-evolving btw)? Are you dimming your light, to not rattle others or freak yourself out by your own great magnificence and power?

Well, this moment marks a turning point to step out of old cycles and energetic ponds that you know are not serving you, and to free yourself of illusions and self-imposed limitations and step forth into an energetic portal birthing you into your previously untapped power, creativity, and mystical ancient wisdom.

Are you willing to let go? And step forth? Keep reading for more inspired guidance for the new year.

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What the snake can teach you this month

Like the snake shedding its skin, are you willing to shed belief and habits you have outgrown? Can you finally become unwilling to waste who you truly are?

Great, you’re still reading, so your soul and light are leaning into this new.

Here are some practical steps and tips that will keep the new portal activating and communicating to the universe that you are with its global game-plan, that you are down to be a part of the energetic uprising. Here’s how:

Getting clear while being grounded is step number one. You’ve heard me say it before—as we ascend and expand into higher spiritual energies and versions of ourselves it is imperative to anchor these energies into our bodies and earth. One great way to do this is by continuing the three conscious lifestyle rituals presented in my December forecast and truly making those steps a way of life. Plus, here are two new daily rituals for January:

First, immerse in a guided meditation for new beginnings. I created this meditation specifically for this portal of change, and it holds within it channeled energetic medicine and a gateway into your new.

And second, sit with a journal and pen at your altar or in a space where you can be silent, asking our beloved snake animal totem to join you and guide you with this process: lighting some palo santo, sage or Mayan copal and clearing the energy around you (you can also waft your journal and pen through the sacred smoke and clear those, too). Then take at least two minutes to breathe long and slow, in through your nose (purifying, bringing in, and activating new life force) and exhaling through a slightly open mouth even longer, slower and deeper—really purging out the air from the bottom pockets of your lungs. And with each exhale, seeing and feeling any old stagnant gunk or energy completely releasing and transmuting into golden light and love. When you feel clear, gently open your eyes and without thinking answer these questions in your journal:

• Where do I hold myself back?
• What is hindering my truth?
• Where in my body do I need renewal?
• What habits do I use to distract me from staying focused, from being in my full power?
• What limiting beliefs or victim-based stories do I tell myself?
• In what areas of my life can I raise my standards (self-love, career, business/finance, communication, self-expression, relationships, inward practices, honesty, etc.)
• Am I willing to shed my old skin?
• Am I willing to let my full light shine? Am I willing to let my heart and universal wisdom guide me? Am I ready to step into my full divine power? Do I want to play big and express my gifts to the world?

Doing both of these practices as often as possible—not just in January, but all year—is the most potent medicine. It’s no surprise that the snake has entered in and is asking us to go deeper, to answer these questions and to really do the work.

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Get ready for big things in 2018

The more we can accept that our highest potential is always evolving, that we are here to let ourselves see so we can learn and grow—and that there is no end point to enlightenment—the more we can align with the flow of life and be more loving to ourselves and others.

And with your changing life, there are two other keys for January:

Trust this renewal. When different ways of living present themselves, whether it's a type of romantic relationship you’ve never encountered or perhaps a new way to negotiate business deals, understand that there may be an acclimation process for this new, higher-centered medicine. The snake teaches us to embrace the process of change, so even if the new way feels foreign, keep stepping forward through any resistance. You are worth it! And the time is now. Stop hiding. Embrace your adjustment period no matter how “wonky” it might feel. You’ll continue finding your legs as you finally unlock greater layers of yourself and your life and you expand the scope of your earthly experiences.

Have confidence in yourself. This journey is about finding your grace and ease even when you are uncomfortable and evolving, and knowing you incarnated here fully equipped with all that you need to ride these seas of change. The planet is asking for your advancement. The cork has popped off your untapped power. The element of fire, here to transmute, and the energy of new creative life force is here, ready for you. Want for nothing other than to know yourself fully? Welcome to 2018, the year that magic and truth will no longer be suppressed—welcome to the uprising while remaining grounded in this ultimate transformation.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips and teach people how to awaken their power. 

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