Your Energy Horoscope for March: Hello, Intuition Influx!

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Every month, Alyson Charles (AKA RockStar Shaman) offers up an energetic forecast, which can serve as a metaphysical roadmap for the coming weeks. After all, it's not just the stars and planets that can give you a heads-up on what's about to happen. Keep reading for her cosmic divination for March: what she sees coming and the spirit animal she says you'll want to call forth as a guide to help you on your path to self-actualization. 

Last month took us all over the place, right? It truly felt like a collapse of time and space and so much occurring at once—feeling such a wide range of emotions, experiencing an expansion of ourselves and our gifts and trying to find our way with it, some unexpected sprinkles of surprise occurrences tossed in as well. February was quite the mixture, a potpourri of a month.

But the one thing I want you to track back on is this: Even with all the ways in which you continue to grow, wasn’t there at least one defining moment in February that took your existence to new heights? At least one powerful moment where you were like, "Wow, this is big, I need to take this in and celebrate this!"

Perhaps you signed a long-awaited contract, released an album, or engaged in a relationship in a new, more powerful way than ever before. I want you to take a moment now (yes, now) to grab your journal, let the bottoms of your feet anchor into Great Mother Earth, our dear Gaia—and feel her pulse, her anchor, power, and medicine. Invite it to rise up through your feet and legs and call to her to fill your body and aura in entirety. Feel her energy buzzing through your blood and cells and then allow her to extend out into your auric field and ask her if she has any messages for you. Just breathe: relaxed, deeply, calmly.

In March, the old energetic patterns and certain life-long ways of being that are not a part of your new paradigm will fall away.

And now that you’re anchored, I want you to write in your journal "5 Things I’m Really Proud of Myself for From February." And once that list is completed I want you to circle the one that was the biggest game-changer, the one that still feels very monumental, it has a slightly different essence to it. Lastly, I want you to place that experience into your heart and as you breathe deeply with it in your heart, let yourself feel and acknowledge all you went through to get to this monumental moment in your life, feel the deep gratitude and when complete, repeat to yourself five times (you can place your left hand onto your heart center and right hand on your leg or lower belly): "I love me, I honor me, I cherish me. I am a diamond."

This year and the transformation, growth, and energies of it are happening so fast, it was imperative that we take a sacred pause to reflect already, to infuse ourselves with the knowingness of our power, the presence of what has occurred and gratitude for it all.

Now, onto March! This month's energies are so boisterous and alive they began communicating to me at the beginning of February. March is a time where our intuitive abilities grow. If you haven’t already, you may experience what feels like an energetic encasement that’s been around you your entire life completely collapse, drop, or crumble in an instant. What is happening is the new paradigm for planet Earth and the new paradigm for your life are activating, and the old energetic patterns and certain life-long ways of being that are not a part of your new paradigm will fall away, exposing you to a dimension and realm of energies that are meant for your new truth and your existence forward.

Keep reading for this month's animal totem, and how you can get the most out of what March may bring.

The energy forecast for March 2018, from "Rockstar Shaman" Alyson Charles


How to deal with all the changes

A few key things to note as your new paradigm is being activated:

1) If you have moments where you feel like you’re swirling or floating in an unknown abyss, this is normal and a part of the process. As you begin to access energies and this realm around you that your soul is foreign to, there is an acclimation process! As you are feeling and breathing in these new frequencies you may feel overwhelmed, lost, short of breath—all is well, I promise you.

2) Just recognize what is going on, be calm and connected to deep breaths, repeat positive mantras like "I am acclimating, I trust this process, all is truly well." You can also call a fellow awake friend who can relate and hold space for you as you’re transforming.

3) Allow yourself to tap into the excitement that a truer, greater version of you is happening. Remember you are truly filled with all you need inside to find your way forward.

4) And you have guides! Call forth who you are currently working with to be with you—is it a certain archangel? An element of nature? (Rainbow energy is big and with us this month!) Call it forth to assist you in the process. That is what all this divine help is around us for!

The energy forecast for March 2018, from "Rockstar Shaman" Alyson Charles

March's spirit animal: the owl

And we have a very potent animal totem with us in March who will greatly help you: the owl. The wise owl is here to initiate next levels of our insight and psychic vision. With the new paradigm and energies, it is a miraculous time to trust. You will be made to trust what your gut is telling you and trusting that your inner compass knows the way even if it doesn’t make logical sense or even if a part of you (or your ego) wants to make a different decision. March is a month of practicing and testing our spiritual insight. Owl brings an ability to hear what is not being said, to access truth, to see what is hidden or in shadow.

By telling your third eye you are ready to work with it more and hear it more and calling upon the owl to really be by your side this month, you will navigate forth in ways that may even blow your mind or the minds of those around you. Do not fear this expansion, it would not be happening if it wasn’t time and if your soul wasn’t ready for it! March promises to set your soul and life on fire in a great and powerful way—embrace it, feel it, and soar into new places in your earthly existence that you’ve been waiting your entire lifetime to get.

Alyson Charles, AKA RockStar Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips and teach people how to awaken their power. 


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