How Shay Mitchell Avoids Feeling Bloated or Jet Lagged While Traveling

Photo: Royal Caribbean

If you follow Shay Mitchell on Instagram, you know the Pretty Little Liars star loves to travel. Not only is it part of her job as an actress, but it's her passion, too. She even documents her adventures on a travel documentary series called Shaycation. And as someone who spends a fair amount of time on the road, Mitchell has a genius tip she swears by for avoiding one of the most-dreaded (and common) travel woes: jet lag.

"Whenever I’m traveling I get right on their schedule," she tells me at a launch event for Royal Caribbean's Perfect Day Island Collection. (She's the cruise company's first "adventurist" ambassador, BTW.) "So if I land, and it might be 3:30 a.m. where I was coming from, if it’s one in the afternoon there, then I’m staying up and I’m pushing through until it’s a reasonable hour for me to go to sleep in that place. That has always worked for me.

"Whenever I’m traveling, I get right on their schedule."

Mitchell says her travel hack works so well for her, in fact, that she never gets jet lag. Like, ever.

Her other go-to travel tip? Stay hydrated. Besides "chugging water," Mitchell says she also drinks dandelion tea on the plane, since it's a natural diuretic. "It’s great because when I land I want to feel hydrated and not bloated," Mitchell explains. Same, girl, *same.*

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