Shay Mitchell Always Packs These 3 Things so She Can Workout Anywhere

Photo: Royal Caribbean

Some people need a boutique fitness studio to stay motivated to workout, but actress and former Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell isn't one of those people. While the celeb is no stranger to buzzy gyms like the Dogpound (and works out with celeb trainer Kira Stokes on the reg), she’s also a pro at squeezing in a sweat sesh anywhere—no gym required. So what’s the secret behind her killer motivation?

“Whenever I travel, I always have a workout bag with me,” Mitchell says. “[It] has my skipping rope in it, some bands, and it has my sliders that I always carry,” Mitchell says. “So I bring those with me no matter what gym I’m going to—but you can get a good workout in just by being in the room with those few essentials.”

“Whenever I travel, I always have a workout bag with me."

Mitchell’s travel schedule is even more packed these days since she’s documenting her “Shaycations” to far-flung destinations like India and Greece. But no matter where the star jets on her next adventure, she finds a way to get in her workout.

The best part is that Mitchell's essentials might be able to give you a serious sweat sesh anywhere, but they won't take up major room in your suitcase. In other words, you can still prioritize fitness on the fly—even if you're living that carry-on only lifestyle.

Another celeb that swears by her jump-rope is Adriana Lima. And here's a killer 10-minute butt workout you can do with sliders anywhere. 

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