Shay Mitchell Never Leaves Home Without Coconut Oil—Here’s Why

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You know those skin-care and beauty products that you use until the very last drop? The ones that you’ve spent entire brunches/text threads/email chains, telling your friends about? They’re the best of the best…so amazing that you’d never risk putting them in a piece of checked luggage. At Well+Good, we call those our Beauty VIPs (you know, Very Important Products). In this series, we ask women in wellness and the public eye what beauty products they use every single day and why—with an entire Internet of options to choose from—these items stand out. 

It's no secret that Shay Mitchell is one of the reigning queens of fitness and travel inspo on Instagram. Just take a look at the former Pretty Little Liars star's Insta feed and you'll instantly want to live in her *super glam* shoes for a day. Case in point? On any given afternoon, you might find her breaking a sweat in some far-flung locale around the world or stateside at New York City's Dogpound). And you've got to hand it to her, because finding ways to stay fit on the fly isn't easy.

It probably helps that she's got some genius tips for curbing jet lag and that she's mastered packing the ultimate travel makeup bag of multi-tasking wonders to get ready regardless of the time zone she's in. No matter where her next "Shaycation" leads her, these are the products that she'll always have in tow.

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Shay Mitchell's Beauty VIPs
Photo: Jouer

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, $36

"I feel like no matter where you're going good, all you need is clean skin, a little lip tint, and mascara and you're kind of good to go," she says. "I like to use a tinted moisturizer that has an SPF in it. Jouer has a great one, and then I’ll just do a little highlighter on top."

Shay Mitchell's Beauty VIPs
Photo: CoverGirl

CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara, $9

"Mascara is something that I absolutely love. The one I’m using one right now is Covergirl LashBlast Mascara," Mitchell says. "For me, it's key."

Shay Mitchell's Beauty VIPs
Photo: Nutiva

Coconut Oil, $13

"When I travel I always bring coconut oil with me in a smaller tub. I use it as a moisturizer, I use it as a hair mask, I use it for everything," Mitchell tells me. "That’s something I always have with me."

Shay Mitchell's Beauty VIPs
Photo: Buxom

Buxom Power Plump Lip Balm, $17

"I like things with multiple uses. I have this lip balm from Buxom and it’s moisturizing but it also gives a really natural pretty pink tint," Mitchell says. "It’s in a big tube, so I can’t lose it—which is great."

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