Shay Mitchell’s Simple Travel Workout Requires Just *One* Piece of Portable Equipment

Photo: Instagram/@shaymitchel
Some hotel gyms are so beautiful and state of the art that they make you want to move in, Eloise at the Plaza—style. However in many hotels, you're left trying to decide between getting your sweat on with a barely functioning treadmill or an archaic weight machine. But, no matter your accommodations, Shay Mitchell has you covered. As long as the hotel has a basic Bosu ball, her simple tips ensure you can get in a full-body workout in record time.

Since the actress is constantly traveling around the world for her Shaycation YouTube series, she knows a thing or two about maintaining her fitness habits on the go. During her recent stay in the buzzy destination of Vancouver, Canada, Mitchell shared via Instagram her quick routine inclusive of only a few exercises, all using the single piece of equipment. Don't be fooled, though: The moves are tough.

"The Bosu is effective for many reasons. It can be used as a weight if lifted overhead and for everything from stabilization and strength to coordination and HIIT exercises," Emily Samuel, a trainer at New York City's Dogpound gym, tells me. "It’s also great for all levels of fitness and makes it easy to incorporate exercises using your entire body."

So, are you ready to get in a workout, Shay-style?

Grab your Bosu ball and some dumbbells, and try a few of Mitchell's go-to moves.

1. Single-leg reverse flies

With the Bosu placed ball-side down, stand on the platform and balance on one leg, bend forward with a straight back, and float your other leg behind you. Using dumbbells, bring your arms to your sides and slowly raise them toward your ears, staying controlled and squeezing your shoulder blades as you lift. Repeat on the other leg.

2. Mountain climbers

Using a Bosu ball can really take your mountain climbers up a notch. For a heavy dose of both core stabilization, start in a plank position with each hand gripping one side of the Bosu platform, ball side down. Keeping your core tight, bring one knee in toward the ball, then the other, increasing the speed as you go while keeping the ball stable.

3. Single-leg curtsy lunges

To work your tush—and build strength and stabilization—do some curtsy lunges. Step onto the Bosu platform, ball side down. While standing tall, step one foot behind you at a diagonal, keeping a slight bend in your stationary leg. Bring the same leg to the other diagonal and repeat. After one set, repeat on the opposite standing leg.

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