The Coziest Shearling-Lined Mules To Buy Before They Sell Out

Photo: Jenni Kayne
It's time to take back fall. Let's get rid of hayrides and apple picking and pumpkin spice everything and just all agree that the good things about fall are A) napping on the couch while days' worth of football drones on in the background, B) a waning UV index, and C) the call to load up on all sorts of cozy items for your wardrobe and beyond.

After writing about the Jenni Kayne cocoon sweater that's sold out five times, I've spent pretty much every waking (and sleeping—seriously, so much football!) moment swaddled in the soft-as-a-dream wool cardigan. Clearly, I wanted my bottom half to experience the luxury that my top half has grown accustomed to, so I began clicking through the Jenni Kayne inventory to see what else my fall wardrobe needed. First up? These shearling-line mules. 

Not only are they incredibly cozy-looking, but they're also super practical. Our feet play a big role in our body's thermoregulation. This is especially important when you sleep—warm and toasty feet have even been shown to help improve sleep quality—but it's also important when awake to help you from feeling like you need to load on layers elsewhere. I figure that by investing in these mules, you'll also be investing in the health of your body and probably the health of your relationships as well (if you like me find yourself being freezing all. the. time. and get in consistent tiffs about the thermostat).

A healthier, happier you—right this way.

Jenni Kayne Shearling-Lined Mule — $395.00

The dream of all dreams, these Jenni Kayne shearling-lined mules have fall written all over them. Made with a duo of suede and shearling, these mules are easy to pair with oversized sweaters and dresses alike. If you’re in between sizes, opt for one up, as some reviewers note these run small.

TKEES Ines Shearling — $150.00

This tone-on-tone shearling mule from the brand that makes neutrals feel fun and refreshing immediately caught my eye. It comes in camel, navy, black, and chocolate, and is so comfortable that you might need two pairs to make it all the way through winter.

Jenni Kayne Shearling Mule — $395.00

If you run hot but still want to follow the shearling trend, opt for this pair from Jenni Kayne, which puts the cozy fabric on the outside, so that your feet can stay cool.

Jimmy Choo Ronnie Genuine Shearling Lining Loafer Mule — $825.00

For those with bigger budgets, this loafer-mule combo sets the bar high. With a rubber sole detailing that makes me think they’ll last forever, you can just tell that these mules are going to be your go-to for years to come.

Madewell The Kasey Mule in Sherpa — $128.00

This sandy mule has a sherpa lining and rings in a nice price point.

J. Crew Faux-shearling mules — $118.00

These faux-shearling mules are another option for those who want shearling details but want to skip the lining.

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