If a Tinted Moisturizer and a Matte Foundation Had a Baby, It Would Be This

Photo: Unsplash/Joe Gardner
In a makeup bag, your foundation could very well be considered the low-key MVP (sorry, mascara). The OG of coverage evens out your complexion, covers blemishes and redness, and provides a flawless, well, foundation for the rest of your makeup look.

This beauty shelf essential can come in a number of forms, from full coverage mattes to tinted moisturizers—both of which have their own set of draws and setbacks. Full coverage mattes, which are great at covering up blemishes, can appear caked on and lead to creasing over the hours of wear. Tinted moisturizers, on the other hand, which give you that no-makeup makeup look can give your skin a nice hydration boost while making things look more even. Because of all the emollients in the formulas that help hydrate your skin, however, they're not really buildable without looking globbed on.

That's why sheer foundations are having a serious moment. Between a matte, full coverage foundation and a tinted moisturizer, these light coverage elixirs go on skin like a veil and can be built up to reach the designated coverage you need.

"At Sephora, we're thrilled to see a rising interest in sheer and light coverage foundations," says David Razzano, Sephora's Beauty Director. "This type of foundation formula offers some unique benefits—it provides buildable coverage without added texture while having the ultimate skin-like finish."

This is great news because, say you're suffering from a hormonal breakout on your chin. Rather than having to conceal, then prime, then add a foundation, you could just use a little more of a sheer foundation around the area where it's needed and back off on other points of the face where skin is glowing. "You also use [sheer foundation] in targeted areas without the worry of seeing a distinction between your skin and the foundation," says Razzano. "And, as an added bonus, they're great for the body as well." So whether covering acne or backne, sheer foundations have got you covered.

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