9 Sheer Raincoats That’ll Show Off Your Chic Athleisure During Spring Showers

Photo: Well+Good Creative

One of the most frustrating aspects of spring is needing to swaddle yourself in a raincoat to protect against inevitable April showers. The functionality of weather-proofing sacrifices the #lewk of your chic spring outfit just as your Michelin Man–style puffers obscured your oh-so-cozy seasonal velvet athleisure pieces in the winter.

However, Chanel found a solution to this problem: Its spring 2018 collection is full of clear vinyl attire that's also rainproof—like see-through hats, duster coats, and thigh-high footwear—which protects the outfits underneath from rain and also allows 'em to be seen (and ogled).

So, the couture-inspired answer to your spring wardrobe woes is clear: Opt for an overcoat that doesn't conceal your Bandier sale scores and perfect third pieces. And don't worry: I've already rounded up raincoats that won't gloss over your pristine ensembles.

Keep scrolling to see the 9 weatherproof duds below.

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