It’s Possible To Wash Away Negative Energy in the Shower—Here Are 7 Affirmations To Help

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An affirmation is a short and powerful statement that you say to yourself in order to reinforce your beliefs and behavior. For instance, if you repeat "I am worthy" to yourself in the mirror every morning, you're better equipped to start your days from a place of confidence and empowerment. And, just like affirmations can help you access sentiments and attitudes for self-improvement and self-love, they can also function as a vehicle to help you release that which doesn't serve you. Shower affirmations can help you cleanse yourself of unwanted energy (as the water is literally cleansing you).

A guiding reason showers are a great and powerful place for an affirmation practice is because they present an opportunity to “reset” our mind, says Jerico Mandybur, creativity coach and author of Daily Oracle: Seek Answers from Your Higher Self. In addition to helping us snap out of whatever funk we may be feeling or wake ourselves up to start a fresh day or any other transformative goal, showers require us to be present in that moment, and reciting shower affirmations gives us the opportunity to really engage with the now instead of mulling over the past. “Whether or not you believe in energy in the magical sense, we can all benefit from carving out time in our day to create a container in which we can slow down and embrace the present moment,” says Mandybur.

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According to Susie Moore, life coach and author of Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off Your Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life, affirmations work best when they’re repeated daily because they focus the mind in a positive direction. And depending on the cadence you typically shower, shower affirmations naturally lend themselves to such a daily practice.

Ahead, find seven shower affirmations to help you release tension on a daily basis.

7 shower affirmations to help you wash away negative energy

1. "I charge this water with cleansing and purification."

Sending your energy to the water with this affirmation can help you feel less stressed and anxious because you’re inviting the water, by way of your shower affirmations, to help you reach a more pure state of mind.

Mandybur says that this affirmation “speaks to that long-term impulse we humans have to use water to help us feel not only clean, but restored and revitalized, emotionally and spiritually.”

2. “May this water wash away anything that isn't serving me.”

Reflect on people in your life who you’ve identified as not serving you. Perhaps it’s a friend who you feel isn’t there for you in the same way that you are there for them. Or maybe it’s something that you’ve been holding on to—anger, resentment, or hurt—that you know isn’t good for you and that you’ve realized you need to let go.

“I suggest doing a little visualization and making the mental intention that this shower and the water you are bathing in is cleansing and clearing your energy as you speak these mantras out loud,” says empowerment coach Natalia Benson.

3. "With this cleansing of my body, I start over."

“Cleansing ourselves serves more than a practical purpose,” says Moore. In order for our shower to fully cleanse the negative energy we might be experiencing, she encourages people to check in with themselves before and after they shower.

Some questions to ask yourself: How do I feel as I go into this shower? How do I feel now that I’ve taken this shower? The former question can help you identify which feelings you need to let go of in order to start over, while the latter question can bring about gratitude that’ll have you feeling better post-shower.

4. "I feel fresh, alive, and beautiful."

This mini mantra is perfect for boosting self-esteem, which also offers a multitude of well-being benefits. The affirmation also has a built-in gratitude practice by way of the word “alive,” because the implication is that being alive is just as important and wonderful as feeling fresh and beautiful (which is, of course, true).

5. "I love and thank my body for everything it does for me."

Moore suggests saying this affirmation as you scrub yourself clean so that you have a chance to engage with your entire body and make this affirmation more powerful.

6. “I am powerful and at peace.”

Repetition is key when you’re learning, and that holds true with an affirmation practice. With that in mind, saying these specific words as a shower affirmation will help you internalize power and peace, Benson says.

“When you create intention—even with something as seemingly mundane as a shower—you can experience more peace, empowerment, and confidence in other areas of your life, because you are cultivating deeper self-awareness,” says Benson.

7. “I am safe and sovereign right now.”

“Being intentional [or sovereign] in any part of our life is extremely empowering and peace-inducing,” says Benson, who suggests changing your perspective surrounding showering. “Imagine your shower time is very simply a cleansing [practice] that releases your day and everyone else's expectations or energies and returns you home to yourself.”

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