Shut the Kale Up’s 4 Tips for Motivating Your Warm-Weather Workouts

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At the beginning of summer, you always plan on being super energized and re-dedicating yourself to getting after your goals (hey, 7 a.m. spin classes).

But when your routine is thrown off by vacations and it feels like a permanent heatwave outside, you're going to need some encouragement to keep you from camping out in front of your AC unit all season. To inspire you to get out there and get active, we teamed up with Kohl's and tapped Shut The Kale Up blogger Jeannette Ogden for her top tips to motivate your (literal) sweat seshes this summer.

“Getting time alone in the morning to work on myself (AKA self care) is something I value and appreciate."

Her main piece of advice? Remembering that workouts are about more than aesthetics. "My main motivation is my mental health and making sure I’m present for my family," Odgen says. "Getting time alone in the morning to work on myself (AKA self care) is something I value and appreciate. There are days I lack motivation, but knowing the difference between needing a day off from workouts or just being lazy is key. We’re all so different, so we’re the only ones who truly know how to differentiate."

After that, she follows a four-step process to get her pumped to hit the gym (or SoulCycle or HIIT class): "One, get out of bed and move around. Two, sip on lemon water and meditate for a few minutes. Three, throw on a good playlist to get the mind stimulated. Four, throw on your athleisure and get moving!"

Her go-to for shopping activewear is Kohl's, the one-stop destination for all your wellness needs—from workout-ready kicks to blenders for whipping up pro-level smoothies. Because when it's this hot out, you deserve a (delicious) cool-down.

Ready to get moving? Shop for all the activewear essentials you'll need to rock your workouts this summer.

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Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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