Sienna Miller on Why Happiness (and Not Surgery) Is the Best Beauty Treatment

Photo: Vogue Original Shorts
Sienna Miller has played many roles—from fashion icon Edie Sedgwick on the big screen to doting mom and fashionista off camera—but now she can add one more to the mix: wellness guru.

Earlier this week, the British beauty opened up to Vogue about her wellness habits and shared insights on beauty beliefs to her workout routines to why happiness is paramount to feeling your best. Filled with groundbreaking intel—like her strong anti-plastic surgery stance—the star shares her no-nonsense approach to beauty and health (we're sensing a trend here).

The American Sniper actress also showed off her goofy side to wellness in a parody video recorded for Vogue. While we're sure walking her dogs in high heels and drinking from a coffee cup that reads "children are maggots" are probably not part of the star's everyday routine, the video does include some serious pearls of wisdom, from enjoying morning stretches and nature to embracing your inner child when it comes to staying active.

Scroll through for three ways to look and feel your best, according to Sienna Miller.

Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue Magazine, January 2013

Focus on your skin

"I just think beautiful skin is the best thing. I’m trying to be better at having facials and maintenance. I don’t want to have surgery, so I just think you have to try and take care of what you’ve got," she says.

Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue Magazine, January 2013

Find workouts that keep you calm

While Miller does admit to not loving SoulCycle (she blames her British roots for her unease with the motivational mantras), the actress has found what makes her happy and grounded in her crazy life. "I do yoga three times a week in London, more because I’m just searching for some equanimity," she explains. "It’s very easy to feel exhausted by these schedules and time zones. I’ve got a yoga teacher who comes to the house—she’s a friend of mine—and there’s Jivamukti, which I go to in London."

Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue Magazine, January 2013

The secret to beauty is in contentment

"I really genuinely believe that you can do all the healthy eating and all the exercise in the world, but that people look their best when they are content in some way. So the focus maybe should be less aesthetic and more like, 'How do I feel good and balanced and happy?'" We couldn't agree more.

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