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SIGG Introduces New, Colorful Water Bottles

Lisa Elaine Held

SIGG's limited-edition Rainbow Collection for summer.


SIGG water bottles are regular fixtures on fitness studio floors and Lululemon shelves. But this summer and fall, they may command a bit more attention.

One of the two winning designs, which will be sold by SIGG in the fall.

The eco-friendly Swiss company just introduced a limited-edition Rainbow Collection for summer, with bold bottles ranging from neon yellow to royal blue. They’ll be available in mid-June.

SIGG also wrapped up its Global Design Contest (with Talenthouse, its partner), a competition that asked artists around the world to submit environmental-focused designs for their bottles. Over 2,000 were submitted from 78 countries around the world.

The winning designs, will hit shelves this fall, and depict world fauna—like a close-up of a snow leopard’s face and an animal-focused world map.

The People's Choice design—we love it, but it won't be sold. Boo hiss.

Our only complaint? The company is not planning on producing the People’s Choice design, which was called “Nature vs. City” and showed a cityscape reflected in its trees. Like the “people,” that one was our favorite.

Still, with all of these bottle options, it should be easier than ever to find one that adds some hydrating flair to our gym bag or beach tote.

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