This Video Series Will Give Your Breakfast Menu a (Super Healthy) Makeover

Smoothies might be your go-to breakfast—but having the same banana-pineapple-kale concoction every morning can feel like your own personal Groundhog Day. (Not to mention, it probably has more sugar than you’d prefer at 7 a.m.)

So we teamed up with siggi’s yogurt, with a genius assist from Sprouted Kitchen cookbook author Sara Forte, to bring you three creative recipes you’re going to want to make right. this. minute.

And our three-part, food-packed video series brings these seriously tasty meals to life. The focus? Simple ingredients, less sugar, and surprising combos that will basically be a wakeup call for your tastebuds.

Check out the first episode now (hello, blueberry spelt pancakes!), and check out the rest for major breakfast inspiration 

In partnership with siggi's

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