How to Choose Your Home’s Signature Scent, Based on Your Enneagram Type

Your home is your sanctuary, where you go to recharge and spend time with people you love. As a memory-making hub (and primary venue for Netflix viewing), it makes sense that it's often the brick-and-mortar expression of your personal style—you spend a lot of time there, so your home should bring you joy.

Making your space smell delightful is one way of doing just that. So before you spritz your space with whatever air freshener you have on hand, think about how much more inviting it would feel if even the smell was a reflection of you. And what better way to personalize your home than relying on a crazy-accurate catalogue of personality types like the Enneagram?

Just like learning about your Enneagram type can help you better understand yourself and others (if you're not sure which number you are, you can read a description of each type here), it can also guide you in day-to-day decisions—like how to spend your chill-out time or how to find your signature home scent.

And if the name of the game is tailoring your space to your unique personality, you'll need an aroma that syncs with your vibe. That's why we've matched nine Caldrea® fragrances—which infuse a sense of luxury into homekeeping essentials—to each of the nine Enneagram types, so you can make caring for your home a totally customized (and seriously amazing-smelling) experience.

Scroll down to find the signature home scent that best suits your Enneagram type.

signature home scent

Type 1: The Reformer—Sea Salt Neroli

As a Type One, you like things just so (raise your hand if you've ever been called a perfectionist), and you're always striving for improvement. Your talent for organization is likely evident in your home (organized mess counts!), which means you'll gravitate toward the crisp, clean scent of Sea Salt Neroli. Inspired by sun-bleached boardwalks, the notes of lemon, sea breeze, and white flowers will make your home smell like the perfectly clean sanctuary you want it to be, even in times when that's not quite the reality.

Type 2: The Helper—Sweet Pea

For Type Twos, the home is the epicenter for giving and receiving love. Your warm-hearted generosity and ability to know just what people need makes you an excellent host, which means your signature home scent should act as your assistant in creating that warm, welcoming vibe for guests and family members. The blend of chamomile, rose, and coriander in Caldrea's Sweet Pea-scented soaps and sprays give your space a friendly feel that jives with your knack for making people instantly feel at home.

Type 3: The Achiever—Lavender Cedar Leaf

People marvel at Type Three's seemingly unshakable confidence and electric charisma—and you welcome the attention and admiration. Your ambition fuels your desire to be the best in all fields, and at home that means if your house isn't the largest on the block it will certainly be the cleanest, most stylish, or best-smelling. Which is why you'll want to fill every room with the understated lavender and eucalyptus coupled with bright lemon and geranium in Lavender Cedar Leaf. Finding household essentials that both meet your high-functioning energy and invite rest will help turn your home into a pressure-free zone where you can truly be yourself.

Type 4: The Individualist—Tangelo Palm Frond

Often referred to as the Individualist or the Romantic, Type Fours pride themselves on being unique (if not misunderstood) and desire to forge their own identity. Your taste for the artistic and flair for the dramatic means your home needs to be distinctly yours, which is why a simple citrus scent won't cut it. Your home is Tangelo Palm Frond-scented—a unique fusion of tangerine and grapefruit with birch bark and eucalyptus added to the mix to evoke an effortlessly cool vibe while still playing up your artsy side.

Type 5: The Investigator—Basil Blue Sage

The most cerebral of all the types, Type Fives want to know the "why" behind everything in life, which has earned them the nickname The Investigator. To fuel your pursuit of knowledge, you need space in your home that allows for mental exploration—whether that's a library, an office, or just a quiet corner where you can sit peacefully with your thoughts. The smell of that space should match the studious atmosphere, like the refined-yet-relaxed scent of Basil Blue Sage. The combination of basil, spearmint, and cinnamon leaf isn't frivolous, but it is invigorating enough to invite ingenuity.

Type 6: The Loyalist—Rosewater Driftwood

As a Type Six, you are warm and engaging, and you fill your calendar with social engagements to stay connected with others. You're reliable and hard-working, but when life gets stressful (as it inevitably does sometimes) it becomes extra important that your home feels like a comforting safe haven where you can take a mental break from the pressures of responsibility. To cultivate that atmosphere, fill your space with the lovely scents of wildflowers, cedar, and marigold in Rosewater Driftwood. Add the finishing touch with home decor—like a gallery wall of happy memories or trinkets from your favorite vacations—that will evoke a sense of calm and (most importantly) make you smile.

Type 7: The Enthusiast—Ginger Pomelo

Free-spirited, fun-loving Type Seven, your house is the party house. Whether you actually enjoy hosting or would prefer for someone else to do the heavy lifting, your playful enthusiasm bubbles over into every space you enter, especially your own. That's why your signature home scent is Ginger Pomelo. If you could bottle sunshine, it would be this zingy blend of grapefruit, ginger, and basil that matches the lively, eclectic aesthetic of your home.

Type 8: The Challenger—Gilded Balsam Birch

The assertive Type Eight values power, control, and self-confidence, which makes your home your own personal domain. This inner strength is best reflected in your decor through statement-making accents such as bold paint colors, rich fabrics, and evocative fragrances, like Gilded Balsam Birch. Spicy cardamom and zesty citrus create a unique blend that reflects your inexhaustible energy, persuasive charm, and magnanimous spirit.

signature home scent

Type 9: The Peacemaker—Pear Blossom Agave

Kind-hearted and often soft-spoken, Type Nines are the peacemakers of the Enneagram. You have a real talent for bringing people together, which is why your easygoing energy should be mirrored by a homey, tranquil ambience in your living space—along with a balanced scent like Pear Blossom Agave. Sweet pear and jasmine harmonize with feisty lemon to create a fragrance that is as genuinely pleasant as you are.

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