What It Means To Get Your Period Around the Full Moon, AKA a Red Moon Cycle

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It's common for people who menstruate have some kind of method for remembering when their period is due: Maybe you slap it on your Google calendar or receive a quick "red heart" emoji from your friend who is on the same cycle. For some, however, there's a different dead giveaway that it's that time of the month: the cycle of the moon. According to astrology, having a menstrual cycle that syncs up with the lunar cycle is called a "red moon cycle"—and some experts say it's a lucky alignment.

First, let's break down the likelihood of your period aligning with the full moon. The average menstrual cycle lasts anywhere between 21 and 32 days as you move through the follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstruation phases (these phases are also why your period blood color changes throughout your cycle.) When your progesterone levels drop in the luteal phase, you pave the way for your period, which lasts an average of two to seven days.

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Of course, the moon is also on a cycle (albeit one that's notably more predictable). The full moon occurs every 29.5 days—meaning there is a good chance that your period could fall on a full moon day. "If you find yourself ovulating during the new moon and bleeding during the waxing and full moons, then you're following what is traditionally known as the 'red moon' menstruation cycle," says Syd Robinson, author of the forthcoming astrological book Who Do the Stars Say You Are

If you happen to have this moon alignment, says Robinson, it's likely you'll witness a few major (and often lucky!) themes in your life during each period: creativity, mentorship, and healing.

"In ancient times, this cycle was symbolically tied to shamanism and healers, and largely associated with feelings of creativity, passion, and mentorship," she says. "Since waxing and full moons are typically linked to outgoing, inspiring energies, you may find yourself more focused on lending your maternal spirit outward." This could inspire you to mentor others or dive headfirst into your own creative projects.

"In ancient times, this cycle was largely associated with feelings of creativity, passion, and mentorship." —Syd Robinson, author of the forthcoming book Who Do the Stars Say You Are? 

That said, the anecdotal and historical astrological significance of having your period on a full moon isn't backed by science (at least, not yet). "Although some studies have demonstrated a possible connection between getting your period and a new moon, there is no conclusive evidence that suggests that your period and the full moon are linked," says Laura Purdy, MD, a board-certified family medicine physician.

Dr. Purdy caveats that some recent research indicates that if there were a connection between the menstrual and lunar cycle in the past, the increasing amount of artificial light folks are now exposed to at night may have severed it. (Meaning, it may have formerly been a thing!) Now, though, "if your period is synched up with the full moon, this is likely a random occurrence, rather than anything else," she says.

But, that's the studied, medical take. As for the spiritual significance, you can freely be the judge. And fortunately, there's really no harm in following the call of the red moon cycle and unleashing your creativity and flexing your mentorship muscles anyway. In fact, if you're feeling yourself when your period comes along—no matter when in the moon's cycle that happens—go ahead and shine like that ultra-bright full moon.

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