What It Means To Get Your Period Around the New Moon, AKA Having a White Moon Cycle

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From the new moon to the waning crescent moon, each lunar phase brings a different energy that impacts various areas of life, such as conquering our goals, dating and relationships, and if you haven't already guessed it by the title, your period. According to astrology, depending on which moon phase you have menstruation, that signals what type of sacred cycle you have.  

For instance, bleeding during the full moon is referred to as a red moon cycle, indicating you'll experience creativity, mentorship, and healing during each period. However, if you bleed during the new moon (first of all, same), you have a white moon cycle which has a totally different vibe and spiritual significance. Read on to learn what that is, plus tips on harnessing the power of a white moon cycle. 

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What is the significance of a white moon cycle or menstruating through a new moon?

"Many people believe that if your period comes on the new moon each month, what is called a white moon cycle, that you are connected to the energies of Mother Earth, meaning that you are in a fertile, creative, and nurturing time of your life," says Serena Poon, a celebrity nutritionist, reiki master, and longevity wellness expert. 

In other words, the white moon cycle is seen as the mother or caregiver phase of life. "This can mean that you are in a time in your life that you are either nurturing a family or starting one, or in a caregiver role in some way in your life," explains Rebecca Rankin, a yoga teacher, reiki master, and holistic hormone health practitioner. 

That said, a white moon cycle is not just about taking care of others—it's also about tending to yourself. "A white moon cycle indicates you want to give more energy to yourself and is your body's way of gently reminding you that you need more TLC," explains Desiree Roby Antila, author of Sun Signs in Love. "During your cycle, devote your resources inward instead of outward." 

And, this nurturing energy is also good news for your goals and dreams. Antila describes it as "fertilization for powerful manifestations." For that reason, having a white moon cycle serves as a time to create space for new beginnings. 

How to harness the power of a white moon cycle

Double down on self-care

Energy levels tend to naturally wane during menstruation thanks to estrogen and progesterone levels being at their lowest. Poon's advice: "Don't fight these energies; instead, lean into the energy of rest and renewal that the new moon calls for." That can look like taking a new moon bath, journaling, getting a massage, or any other act of self-care that nourishes your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. 

Set intentions

The new moon is also the best time to set intentions. Think about what you want to bring into your life in the month ahead. "If you're not particularly excited about fertility, consider that the energy used to make a baby is, in fact, creative energy," Poon says. "Creative energy can be useful in many other avenues of life as well. The beginning of your menstrual cycle can become a time for preparing to call in a new creation of any kind."

Focus on letting go

The new moon and menstruation have an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new type of energy. So, Poon says doing anything that helps clear out old energy and create space for new beginnings is ideal during a white moon cycle period. In particular, Rankin recommends playing with this theme by asking yourself: "To make room for more of what I want, what am I ready to let go of?" She adds that reciting the affirmation "I shed old habits that no longer serve me, and I listen deeply to my intuition" can also be supportive during a new moon bleed. 

Celebrate during the full moon

If you have a white moon cycle, that also means that ovulation will sync up with the full moon phase. Poon notes you'll notice an increase in energy as the moon gets fuller because estrogen levels are at their highest during ovulation. 

The full moon is also when the intentions you set during the new moon start coming to fruition. For this reason, Poon suggests celebrating what you've created over the last couple of weeks and reflecting on what else you want to release and what you want to expand during the remainder of the cycle. 

Rankin adds that the full moon also has an energy of fertility. So when you pair that with ovulation, that energy is magnified, making this a great time to tap into your creativity and be seen and social. 

More than anything, Rankin says understanding what sacred cycle you're on is an opportunity to slow down and do some self-inquiry. "Your period will attune to different cycles over the course of your life, so it's fascinating to note what's going on in your life energetically as your body cycles," she says. 

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