6 Secret Signs Someone Is Thinking of You, According to an Intuitive Psychic

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Picture this: You’ve gone months without seeing a past flame, and the once-burning coals of your relationship have begun to fizzle. But now, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re seeing their name pop up, like, everywhere. Is this just a coincidence? Perhaps… but perhaps not. These incidents could be more than mere happenstance, but rather strong spiritual signs that someone is thinking of you.

According to Gabriella Dizon, certified Reiki energy healer, astrologer, psychic, and founder of GD Intuitive, these signs from the universe—much like angel numbers—often go ignored, unnoticed, or completely disregarded as flukes by their recipients. In order to spot and decipher these messages, we first have to trust in our intuition, says Dizon.

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“Intuition is a vehicle that allows our vessel to be open to receiving,” explains Dizon. “It's trusting and being open to what you're feeling, what you're thinking, what you're noticing, and what you're sensing.”

"When we allow our intuition to give us those signs, and we're open to receiving them, then we're able to piece together a puzzle that we didn't realize was there." —Gabriella Dizon, founder, GD Intuitive

By tapping into our intuition and trusting that some “coincidences”—such as seeing a name over and over—could reveal a deeper truth, we’re more likely to pick up on synchronicities, or meaningful signs from the universe. “When we allow our intuition to give us those signs, and we're open to receiving them, then we're able to piece together a puzzle that we didn't realize was there,” says Dizon.

While these cosmic messages are highly individual and vary from person to person, Dizon says that there are some similarities she’s discovered among the clients she’s worked with. Ahead are six commonly-shared signs someone is thinking of you, according to Dizon.

6 signs someone is thinking of you, according to an intuitive psychic

1. You see specific animals

Unexpectedly crossing paths with certain animals—like owls, fireflies, or bats, for example—can be a sign that someone is thinking of you, says Dizon. Animals hold great spiritual significance, and seeing one after a loved one has died could be an indication from the universe that they’re thinking of you in the afterlife.

“Sometimes from the spirit world, our guides will try to contact us,” she says. “It's not always a person that's living who's trying to connect with us through signs and synchronicities; people who have passed may send animals. A lot of people spot and resonate with birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.”

2. You encounter music related to them

If you have a specific song stuck in your head, hear someone’s name in the lyrics of a song, or repeatedly encounter a sentimental song played in the wild, it could be a sign that someone is thinking about you.

“When you are hearing music that has a certain memory or a certain person tied to it, that could be a sign of them opening up the channel between you,” explains Dizon. “That person might be thinking of you, or that person might have just told someone about you—whether it's in a good or a bad light.”

3. You experience unexpected physical sensations

According to Dizon, the energetic tie between you and someone who is thinking about you can sometimes manifest in physical sensations.

“Some people will get chills on their body or will start sneezing,” she says. Some other common physical sensations that signify someone is thinking about you include sudden warmth, tingling, or dropping items accidentally.

4. You see their name repeatedly, or mistake strangers for them

If the other person’s name appears repeatedly or unexpectedly, for no clear or apparent reason, it could be a sign that they’re thinking about you, Dizon says. “The fact that they're coming up in your mindscape means that there's an open channel between the two of you,” she says.

Seeing the other person’s doppelganger out in public may also point toward a cosmic connection, says Dizon. “If you think you see them on the street, and then you look closer, and it's not them, they could be thinking of you.”

5. They appear in your dreams

If someone appears in your dreams, it may be a sign that they’re thinking of you or trying to relay a telepathic message to you, says Dizon.

“When certain people reveal themselves in dreams, there's an energetic cord that's open,” she says, “whether they're thinking about you, or they might even have a sweater of yours that they recently wore, things like that: small threads within the fabric of existence that can spark by opening up that energy again.”

However, it’s important to remember that our dreams also act as a portal into our subconscious mind. Seeing someone specific in a dream could be your subconscious mind’s attempt to work through your inner thoughts or feelings about them. Because of this, Dizon suggests paying attention to the story within the dream, and analyze the context in which that person appears in it.

“This could reveal a pattern, or a lesson, or some kind of portal that you need to close within that connection,” says Dizon. “We can get really tripped up on what the messenger looks like, what the messenger was wearing, how they acted, how they delivered the message, but the important thing is the message itself.”

6. Technology is acting up around you

Just as astral events can cause technological disruptions (we’re looking at you, Mercury retrograde!), cosmic messages from the universe can cause our modern communication wires to get crossed.

“Someone might come up in conversation and you notice technology starts to act weird around you—that could also be a sign that, potentially, there's still energy there between the two of you,” says Dizon.

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