6 Signs You’re Definitely a Libra

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As extremely harmonious and sociable creatures, Libras are not shy, which might so many celebrities fall under the zodiac sign. Among the ranks is the woman who coined a new phrase for the most amicable form of separation, Gwyneth Paltrowbody-positivity champion Hilary Duff, and selfie advocate Kim Kardashian West.

Libra birthday season kicks off September 23 (and runs through October 22)—and it's not a coincidence that your social calendar gets packed at the same time, since these fall babies are seriously social. One of many things to love about them!

What else is so Libra? Keep reading for the 6 traits that give them away every time.


1. You're the go-to mediator among your family and friends

It might be awkward for non-Libras to moderate conflicts, but you don't mind being the peacemaker and voice of reason during squabbles.


2. You're a social butterfly

You're either throwing the party, or you're bringing the party. Because you're so diplomatic, you're probably on good terms with everyone in your women's circles, which is why your social gatherings can get a little packed.


3. Making a decision isn't always easy

Handling other people's conflicts? A walk in the park. But deciding stuff for yourself can be overwhelming (too many choices!). Still, there's nothing wrong with taking your time to think through your next move.


4. You have a strong intuition when you can tap into it

With all of the chaos of everyday life, it can be hard to figure out if that feeling in your gut is your intuition talking or just a sign that you've had too much coffee. But good things do abound when you tune into that voice.


5. You're a rom-com–level believer in soul mates

Your ability to see romantic possibility in practically anyone you meet makes it seem like you cribbed your outlook on life from a John Hughes movie, which, TBH, is not a bad thing.


6. You're happy going with the flow

You're easygoing. If you had a motto, it would be, "No shirt, no shoes, no problem."

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