The Unique Way This Totally Silent Sound Bath Helps People Relieve Stress

Photo: Stocksy/VisualSpectrum
Even if you feel like you've been in a super-quiet space before, it almost certainly has nothing, decibel-wise, on one echoless chamber. But what can the noise-free space do for your body?

According to Steve Orfield, longtime owner of Orfield Laboratories Inc. in Minneapolis, people from all over the world come to experience the space that the Guinness World Records has dubbed "the quietest place on Earth." Orfield told the Star Tribune that spending time in the chamber can help treat stress, anxiety, and autism, and can simply reset the brain: "We think there’s great potential for therapeutic uses," he said—sounds counterintuitively similar to a healing sound bath, right? (Psst: Reservations for the $125 weekday sessions can be booked by email, Midwesterners and travelers.)

Spending time in the chamber can help treat stress, anxiety, and autism, and can simply reset the brain, according to lab owner Steve Orfield.

While there are plenty of places that are great for getting some peace and quiet—Pure Yoga's Somadome and Higher Dose's infrared saunas, to name two—this anechoic chamber, which was primarily used for nearly five decades as a test space to hear typically quiet things like heart valves and cell phones, takes things to a new mindful level.

The room—which is actually a room within a room within a room—has absolutely no background noise. Because of its negative decibel measure, you can hear everything from your blood flow to the buzz of your inner ear, reports the Star Tribune.

Without all the sound clutter—whether Netflix, work emails, or even music—you might discover something new from within your own thoughts.

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