The Secret Beauty-Boosting Supplement You Didn’t Know About

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The answer to head-to-toe radiance might not live in your beauty collection. No, you don’t have to spend time at the spa buffing, steaming, and soaking in ancient salts to get closer to dewy skin, lustrous tresses, and healthy nails, either.

A little-known way to promote a serious glow is taking silica, the mineral supplement touted as an all-purpose beauty booster. The naturally occurring mineral is an essential component of elastin—a protein in your connective tissue and dermis—and collagen, meaning it could help your skin's ability to self-repair. TLDR: It's a player in the skin elasticity game.

In supplement form, like Flora’s plant-derived FloraSil capsules, the youth-boosting element is designed to strengthen hair, skin, and nails from the inside out—no matter your age.

“FloraSil has made being 61 feel amazing,” says Eloise DeJoria, Flora Ambassador. “The plant-based silica helps rejuvenate collagen production naturally so I can more readily see the difference it makes. I love having stronger nails, smoother skin, and faster-growing hair.” Simply put: You could level up your usual get-glowy routine (as in, jade rolling and retinol) with this under-the-radar supplement.

Scroll down for reasons why this all-star mineral is so easy to overlookand the benefits that back up why you shouldn't.

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Why you're likely deficient in silica

For a clue as to why you're not getting a substantial amount of silica on your own, take a look at your diet. Even though you're loading up on omega-3 fats, iron, and protein (#healthyhair goals), how's your intake of silica-rich foods like alfalfa and nopal cactus? Uh-huh, same here.

“Most of us show signs of being low in silica,” says Dana Green Remedios, registered holistic nutritionist and Flora product information specialist. “Not surprising, because the modern diet lacks in silica-rich (but bitter) foods like burdock, horseradish, and artichoke.” Common signs of deficiency include brittle hair or nails, premature signs of aging (hello, fine lines), and thinning enamel.

“Plus, it’s hard to quantify the extent of our deficiency, because there is no established guideline,” she says. When was the last time you checked your silica intake? (Exactly.)

Another hurdle is the way we process and grow silica-rich foods. Modern grain processing strips away the skin-rejuvenating mineral in rice, rye, and millet. "Foods that were traditionally high in silica like bell peppers, strawberry, and cucumbers are grown either hydroponically in water or in soil that’s missing the microbial life that used to help the plants take up the silica from soil," Remedios explains.

But you can get around all that with a supplement. FloraSil's formula includes trace minerals extracted from spring horsetail, an herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties, in a form that's easy for your body to absorb. To encourage the best results while taking silica, Remedios recommends drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of vitamin C throughout the day to help promote collagen production.

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The rejuvenating super powers of silica

With daily stress-inducing commutes, sky-high ponytails, and monthly mani-pedis, you can put your skin, hair, and nails through a lot. After a while, that can result in split ends, weak nails, and lackluster skin.

Adding silica to your daily routine can give the trio a tough-as-nails boost. “When hair and nails are rich in silica, they can grow and bend easily, making them resilient to breakage even at longer lengths,” according to Remedios. And on the collagen front, results can reportedly include visibly plumper skin.

“Taking FloraSil a few times a day is such a simple way to love and take care of myself,” DeJoria says. "I believe loving yourself means being a little picky about what you put in your body, and FloraSil ticks all the boxes for me.”

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