This 3-Part Plank Series From Jennifer Garner’s Trainer Fires up Your Abs From Every Angle

Photo: Instagram/@jennifer.garner
When you do even a simple, standard plank, you know a case of sore abs is in your near future. But when you decide to let Jennifer Garner's trainer Simone De La Rue lead you through a core workout? Let's just say your midsection might well be screaming for mercy by the time you finish.

In a recent Instagram video, the Body by Simone founder guided her followers through an intense three-part plank workout that uses nothing but your own body weight to feel the burn. "It still amazes me that you can get such a great workout by using your own body weight," she writes. "I would do core exercises all day, every day if I could. Oh wait—I do."

"It still amazes me that you can get such a great workout by using your own body weight." —Simone De La Rue

This particular series involves a lot of full-body action to fire up your abs from every angle. But despite all the leg movements, your upper body will probably feel the most work: "You won’t exhaust the lower-body muscles with this circuit, but you’ll fatigue the smaller muscles in your core, shoulders, and upper back," Stephanie Mansour, Chicago-based personal trainer, told Self.

And another perk of the set? While you're toning your muscles, you're also getting in a nice stretch. "This is really going to open up each leg and the hips while also stretching your core," says New York City–based strength and conditioning specialist Mike Clancy. So, are you ready to feel the burn in that abs region or what?

Complete 3 sets of the 3-part plank series below for the ultimate abs workout.

1. Pike toe tap (32 reps)

2. Plank to runner's lunge (16 reps)

3. Plank knee to leg extension (32 reps)

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